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Welcome to CMP Resolutions

We’re in business to help employers to get more from their people through better management of conflict at work

We provide the best UK workplace mediation training, and independent workplace mediators; as well as an outsourced HR investigation service and ILM endorsed training for workplace investigators.  And we train managers and staff in conflict management skills.

We are serious conflict management experts

We’re an established and highly-regarded conflict management expert, working with numerous public and private sector organisations since 1989. We have played a pivotal part in making conflict management matter, at work.

We are CMP because we Close, Manage, and Prevent conflict at work

Our investigation services and training help employers bring complaints to a Close. Mediation training and services enable you to Manage disputes. And communication training, conflict coaching, and bullying and harassment training, enable you to Prevent conflicts from turning septic.

The organisations that trust us to deliver again and again!




Close complaints

Professional investigation services and training, Ethics officer courses, settlement mediationLearn More

Manage disputes

Accredited Mediation training at all levels; independent mediation service with 5 models; Harassment AdvisorsLearn More

Prevent conflict

Training and services to prevent conflicts arising: difficult conversations, anti-banter, performance managementLearn More

Our experience

Over 20 years of experience with a rock-solid track record. Find out more about our people, our clients and our work!Learn More