About CMP

We’re workplace conflict management experts.

What that means is, we can help organisations, teams and individuals at all levels to be more confident and competent about managing the ‘tough stuff’ of working lives.

So if you are looking for a mediator, or a conflict coach; or you want to introduce mediation into your organisation; or improve how complaints are managed and investigated, we can help.

We’re an established and highly-regarded conflict management consultancy, delivering solutions since 1989 to a wide range of private, public and third sector organisations. We have played a pivotal role in the UK in making good conflict management matter at work.

What we believe in

Everyone should be able to go to work without fearing workplace conflict.   And everyone should work in an environment where people can raise difficult issues without it damaging their health or working relationships.

We also believe paying at least the Living Wage is morally and socially fair and reasonable, and that any wage below this is exploitative and takes capitalism to an unacceptable level.  All our employees, any temporary staff, and all our Associates, are paid well above the Living Wage as a result.

We’re in business to help employers to get more from their people through better conflict management at work.

We provide the best UK workplace mediation training, and independent workplace mediators; as well as an outsourced HR investigation service and ILM endorsed training for workplace investigators.  And we train managers and staff in conflict management skills.

We have enabled organisations to:

  • Bring their values to life in how employees and managers actually behave
  • Support their organisational goals through preventing workplace conflict
  • Restore productivity by resolving workplace disputes
  • Reduce the risk of Appeals and Tribunals through robust, sensitive and proportionate investigations into complaints
  • Strengthen management competencies from the simple – having a good difficult conversation – to the complex – mediating in their own team
  • Change employees’ behaviour around bullying and harassment and build a culture of respect
  • Build the business case for dispute resolution at work

We are CMP because we Close, Manage and Prevent conflict at work

  • Our investigation services and training help employers bring complaints to a CLOSE.
  • Mediation training and services enable you to MANAGE disputes.
  • Communication training, conflict coaching, and bullying and harassment training, enable you to PREVENT negative conflict.