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Assessing the way forward when you get a complaint

There are a variety of ways you can assess how to manage situations and outcomes consciously and objectively when you’re faced with a complaint or conflict.

  • Weigh up potential advantages against potential risks
  • Decide whether the situation merits a win/win, win/lose or lose/lose approach and outcome
  • Do an SOS – balance your self needs, with the needs of others and the constraints of the situation
  • Weigh up short term gains against long term  risks, or vice versa
  • Consider the consequences of each potential course of action
  • Develop objective criteria with matching outcomes e.g. intentional bullying behaviour after previous warnings merits a formal warning; unintentional bullying as a first offence merits coaching and support for behavioural change.

We believe good judgement skills can be learned, and can dramatically affect the quality of, and faith in, your grievance and disciplinary processes. Don’t just fall back on ‘natural skills’ and ‘years of management experience’ when it comes to good judgement – get it wrong, and the cost can be high.