Auditing your internal mediation service

Mediators, mediation services and their employers should each be working towards achieving mediation excellence for the parties involved.

But do you know how good your internal mediation service is?  Is it simply functioning, is it effective, or is it excellent?

We’ve drawn from our 25 years of leading the field of workplace mediation to develop an audit for mediation services – ‘Achieving Mediation Excellence’.

With this audit you get one of the UK’s leading workplace mediation organisations right into the heart of your mediation service, and benefit from our rigourous and independent analysis of the effectiveness of your current level of delivery.

You get a report that includes structured guidance on how to move towards achieving mediation excellence

The three areas for success

We review your mediation service over the areas vital for sustained success.

  • Service strategy and principle – making sure you get the most effective service for the money you have invested
  • Mediator Practice Standards – ensuring that your mediators are developed and provide mediation that meets emerging best practice
  • Mediation Service Management – making sure that your service is quality-driven, effectively coordinated, managed and marketed

You receive a detailed assessment of the standard of your current mediation service with recommendations for future developments.  Having a practical action plan enables your service to reach the ‘Excellence’ standard in all areas, and enables you to prioritise areas for development and helps to ensure sustainability of your mediation provision.

The three standards we assess against

Foundation standard

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    Appropriate training completed, mediators inducted, aims and pilot evaluative criteria agreed, basic policy and practice guidance in place, basic service management in place; preliminary thinking on mediation service standards.

Effective standard

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    A service with a moderate case load, efficient service management, follow-up and solid evidence of achievement on ten service standards; mediators appropriately supported and developing their skills.

Excellence standard

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    Excellent stakeholder support; good risk management of cases; mediation embedded in procedures; good levels of awareness; mediation supervision in place; demonstration of the business case; achievement on all ten mediation standards; some mediators qualified to higher standard.

Download our Guide - how to sustain the business case for mediation

This paper outlines what you should be measuring and gives a model of evaluation that will enable you to make a sustained business case for your service; and to identify areas for growth and improvement across the service.

How to sustain the business case for your mediation service