Welcome to our client only zone! We want to offer you a chance to network with our practitioners and other experienced clients and also give you practical ideas and tools to make your working life better via our ‘Skills for you’ webinar series.

Rebecca Foreman – Director of Operations


Skills for you – Client webinar series

This webinar series has been created specifically for our CMP Resolutions clients and their employees. They focus on building skills and answering your questions, and form part of the added value and on-going support we offer our clients.
We want to give you practical ideas and tools to make your working life better. These are not sales webinars!
If you have an area you’d like us to cover, please let us know. And because they’re for our clients only, do feel free to forward the invitation to your colleagues in your organisation.

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Skills for You: Encouraging the person unwilling to mediate; 26th November 2014

Conflict management expert and mediator Michael Jacobs

Wednesday, 26 November 2014, 14.00 – 15.00 GMT

Ideal webinar for everyone in HR and ER who has to try and encourage people to give mediation a go. Trained mediators will also learn new skills and techniques to help move people away from their positions.

Experienced mediator Michael Jacobs will talk you through and demonstrate a range of skills and techniques you can use to persuade and encourage reluctant, scared or positional parties to agree to meet round the table.

Great CPD and a refresher for everyone.

The Courage to Manage: Having essential conversations at work

Conflict management expert and mediator Michael Jacobs

17 September 2014, 14.00 – 14.45 GMT

There are essential conversations all manages should have: about inappropriate behaviour, unacceptable banter, personnel matters, performance, and finding solutions to problems. Many of us find it hard to have the courage to have them at all – or go in all guns’ blazing then wonder why people get hurt.

Managing difficult conversations is challenging for even the most skilful manager. This webinar with CMP Resolutions conversation expert Michael Jacobs will give you new skills and approaches for having better conversations at work.

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Becoming a top-notch mediation coordinator - how to run your scheme effectively

With Director of Operations, Rebecca Foreman

9 July 2014, 14.00 – 14.45 GMT

Many organisations feel that their mediation service isn’t used as effectively as it could be in. But how do you know? And how can a mediation service be managed so that it is delivering better results?

Increasingly research shows that it is not enough to simply train mediators – organisations need to evidence the impact of mediation, monitor and collect data, manage their mediators.

Join CMP Resolutions’ Director of Operations Rebecca Foreman to discover some best practice for improving your mediation service. Tap into our 20 years of experience to get new ideas for service management and to get more from your mediations.

This is a free client-only webinar. So feel free to forward to colleagues in your organisation.

Handling anger when people snap at you

With mediation and conflict expert, Nigel Singer

25 June 2014, 14.00 – 14.45 GMT

How do you respond when someone gets angry with you at work? Most of us wish we could handle it better! We all respond differently when we feel threatened, and other people’s anger feels very threatening indeed – but there are options between ‘fight’ or ‘flight’.

Join Nigel Singer, a leading expert in responding to conflict, and take away skills to help you manage the emotion and challenge of other people’s anger at work.

This is a free client-only webinar. So feel free to forward to colleagues in your organisation.

Virtual Mediation

11 December 2013, 14.00 – 14.45 GMT

Nigel Singer and Katherine Graham

Where mediation is used, it’s used to great effect. But things will have to change in the 21st century if mediation is going to deliver its potential in the workplace.

One area it’s moving into is virtual mediation – using virtual conferencing or even email to carry out mediations.

Nigel Singer and Katherine Graham will talk through their experience of online mediation, and explain what’s going on with ‘e-mediation’ and the pros and cons of this approach for your mediation service.

So if you’re finding that getting parties and mediators in the same room is a challenge, or that the hidden costs of time away from work, and T&S are putting managers off agreeing to it, then you may well find that virtual mediation would work for you.

But will you be comfortable mediating online? And should you? This webinar will address all of your questions about using virtual conferencing for mediation. Nigel and Katherine will cover questions such as:

  • Will virtual mediation work? What does it mean, anyway?
  • How might it work for you?
  • What skills do you need as a mediator to mediate in this way?
  • Is it the thin edge of the ‘disappearing mediation’ wedge?

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Best practice in HR Investigation

With CMP’s Head of Investigation Tim Kingsbury

12 December 2013, 14.00 – 14.45 GMT

Do you conduct investigations into grievances, disciplinaries, ethical issues and whistleblowing allegations? Perhaps you support managers in fact finding and report writing.

This free webinar will give you top tips and best practice for making the process easier and more effective. It’s a great space to pick Tim’s brains about the challenges you’ve faced, and to get answers to your questions, from the comfort of your desk!

This is a free client-only webinar. So feel free to forward to colleagues in your organisation.

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Mindfulness at work

With Senior Mediator Patrick Moulsdale

Do you struggle to prioritise mountains of work? Manage a team with increasing stress levels? Or are you finding it increasingly difficult to get off the treadmill of ‘doing’ to be more creative and innovative at work?

Join one of CMP Resolutions’ top mediators Patrick Moulsdale to discover more about mindfulness and how it could help you and your team be more effective. Suitable for managers, mediators and anyone who wants to create more space for creativity and energy.

This is a free client-only webinar. So feel free to forward to colleagues in your organisation.

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The difficult appraisal interview

Conversation expert Michael Jacobs

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Do you dread the end of the financial year because appraisal time is coming around again?

Formal performance reviews are challenging when you have developmental feedback to give that someone isn’t keen to hear. Avoid the damaging and ineffective ‘flight or fight’ options, and join CMP Resolutions conversation expert Michael Jacobs on this challenging webinar.

He will focus on the interpersonal skills you need to make your appraisals more effective – whether you’re the appraiser, or the appraisee. Take away skills you can apply in your next PDR so that your message gets heard, and the relationship stays in tact.