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CMP Resolutions acquires new business to support with Fitness to Practise issues

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CMP Resolutions believes that the fitness to practise process should not be as adversarial, or as potentially damaging, as it has become.

CMP has joined forces with Oliver Mundy Associates Ltd, to create a new company, FTP Support Ltd, which combines OM Associate’s expertise in the fitness to practise process, with CMP Resolutions’ dispute resolution expertise.

FTP Support Ltd offers a range of services to individuals and to organisations which are designed to mitigate, manage and support fitness to practise issues.

Health and social care workers are anxious and confused about the fitness to practise investigation process – and the Annual Reports of all UK statutory healthcare regulators show an increase in fitness to practise investigations conducted by the regulators.

This is something that employers of healthcare professionals must learn to live with; it is inherent in an industry where patient safety is paramount and politics are ever present.

FTP Support provides expert and practical hand-holding to professionals under investigation, so their employer doesn’t have to. As well as supporting individuals in managing their end to end experience of being investigated, we also run facilitated meetings between regulators and healthcare professionals, designed to enable resolution as fast and fairly as possible.

Join Oliver Mundy, Managing Director of FTP Support, on 23 March:

at 13.00 or at 20.00

Click the time to register to take part in one of the webinars, where you will:

  • Learn what’s behind the increase in fitness to practise investigations
  • Go through the standards for fitness to practise issues – you may be surprised at what’s included
  • Understand the Regulators’ responses to the Francis Report
  • Find out about FTP Support’s membership scheme
  • Get a view of how FTP Support can help you manage and mitigate fitness to practise issues in your organisation

Find out more please visit our website www.ftp-support.co.uk

FTP Support provides healthcare professionals with full and comprehensive fitness to practise advice and representation