Train managers and directly decrease your cost of conflict

Our CMP model shows the business case for investing in ‘Preventing’ conflict rather than ‘Closing’ conflict.  Put your investment where it really adds value – at the ‘Prevent’ layer, and you will prevent the need for mediation, and costly investigations.

Conflict can be good for business!

Roffey Park (Report, 2013) found over 50% of managers believe conflict leads to animosity, reduces productivity, diminishes trust and creates ineffective working groups.  And over a third agree conflict fosters new ideas and solutions, and stimulates creativity and imagination.

But are managers doing the best they can?

Managers spend 30% of their time managing conflict, which is a large proportion of your salary bill and if they are not using this time effectively, that’s a great deal of lost value.

The CIPD Conflict Management Report 2007 found “only 3% of employers rate their managers as ‘excellent’ in managing conflict” and “only 37% provide training for their line managers in conflict resolution skills, in spite of their central role in resolving conflicts at an early stage and preventing disputes from escalating.”  But remember that the behaviour of your line managers has the most effect on your success in tackling bullying and harassment at work.

Support them with focused and expert training

Our ILM  Endorsed 1 and 2 day programmes are delivered in 2-hour modules to minimise disturbance from work and the level and challenge of our training is determined by the context and experience and grade of the attendees.

The training in difficult conversations was excellent, thought provoking, and challenged me to re-examine how I have difficult conversations! The trainer had excellent knowledge! Really enjoyed the training!

Difficult Conversation Training Delegate, Senior Probation OfficerStaffordshire & West Midlands Community Rehabilitation Company

CMP delivered intensive bespoke conflict management training to 200 managers, to achieve a significant boost to managers’ confidence and skills in managing transition during a time of change, and contributing significantly to achieving the organisational goal of preventing and managing bullying and harassment. CMP listened to our needs and worked with us to develop a course that satisfied our requirements.

Bespoke Conflict Management Training Buyer and Delegate, Senior Divisional OfficerHampshire Fire and Rescue

Conflict management training was a totally new concept to me! The trainer was excellent, and very witty. He delivered the course at a good pace with superb knowledge.

Conflict Management Training Delegate, Deputy ManagerStaffordshire & West Midlands Community Rehabilitation Company

A very informative and useful course that should be part of core management training.

Mediation Skills for Managers Training Delegate, ManagerBournemouth Borough Council

The conflict management training made me think more ‘outside the box’ re: supervision or dealing with issues, being more honest and direct.

Conflict Management Training Delegate, Senior Admin AssistantStaffordshire & West Midlands Community Rehabilitation Company

Our front-line housing staff regularly face challenging and potentially threatening situations. We engaged CMP to equip our staff with appropriate skills to meet these challenges and defuse threatening situations. Their professional approach and participative style have always been well-received and have contributed to the first-class customer service we aim to deliver.

Conflict Management Skills Training Commissioner, Head of Learning and DevelopmentLondon and Quadrant Housing

The trainer was really dynamic and engaging, the conflict management training was relevant, interesting with practical examples.

Conflict Management Training Delegate, Senior Probation OfficerStaffordshire & West Midlands Community Rehabilitation Company

I have no hesitation in recommending CMP, they offer excellent value for money and provide a service that is second to none! CMP provides a complete and professional service. From initial enquiry through administration and delivery, CMP covers all the bases. They are knowledgeable, professional and approachable and found flexible solutions to our training requirements. The feedback for the training has been outstanding. In addition to a collection of superlatives such as “fantastic” “inspiring” and “excellent” staff have stated that they came away with practical advice they can apply in real situations and, more to the point, have said it works!

Bespoke Conflict Management Training Buyer, Staff Development AdvisorUniversity of Gloucestershire

Informative, thought provoking and inclusive…Good delivery honest, grown up attitude. I liked the trainer’s style!

Conflict Management Skills Training Delegate, Senior Managera Fire and Rescue service

CMP delivered intensive bespoke conflict management courses of varying levels to 200 managers, to achieve a significant boost to managers’ confidence and skills in managing transition during a time of change, and contributing significantly to achieving the organisational goal of preventing and managing bullying and harassment. From our initial discussions, it was evident that CMP were keen to listen to our needs and work with us to develop a course that satisfied our requirements. The successful partnership combined with local provision and high-quality trainers has developed into a key part of our overall strategy for management development of our staff.

Bespoke Conflict Management Training Buyer and Delegate, Senior Divisional Officer Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service

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  • To take control of their own behaviour
  • To challenge inappropriate behaviour in others
  • To work collaboratively to resolve matters which are causing friction
  • The interpersonal skills to effectively prevent escalation of the day-to-day workplace conflicts, misunderstandings and tensions.
  • Basic mediation skills so that they can run a mediation-type meeting
  • Workplace bullying and harassment and the manager’s role in preventing these behaviours.

You will have managers who can:

  • Understand their responsibility for managing early conflicts at work
  • Manage their own behaviours so as to avoid inadvertently exposing themselves to bullying or harassment allegations
  • Understand how to handle challenges made directly to them
  • Use new ways of being more confident and assertive when challenging inappropriate behaviour and raising difficult issues with people
  • Help people resolve their differences early and without escalation by using a structure and basic skills to run a ‘mediation’ session
  • Know when to recommend formal mediation
  • Support their employer to manage the risk and cost of conflict at work

Contact us for details about the programmes

  • Persuasion and Influencing Skills – managing upwards and outwards
  • Managing Difficult People on the Telephone and by Email
  • Personal Safety and Conflict Management at Work
  • Responding to Aggressive Situations
  • Constructive Complaint-handling
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Establishing the right organisational values and culture

Values and culture matter, if you’re going to reduce the costs of conflict

You may have the most comprehensive strategy in place to deal with workplace conflict and the most up-to-date policies and procedures, but none of this is worth the paper it is written on if people do not feel able to speak out. Recent whistleblowing cases in the NHS and elsewhere have ably demonstrated the human and financial costs of ignoring this foundation stone of conflict competence. To be successful, your strategy needs to operate in a climate in which people believe they can:

  • Speak out and be listened to
  • Raise problems and have them taken seriously
  • Challenge the behaviour and actions of colleagues, even those more senior than themselves
  • Ask for help with specific development needs
  • Tackle difficult situations with the support of the organisation behind them

Your organisational values and culture will make the difference to whether or not you are able to make the cost-savings you have identified in your business case.

Your organisational values should be the cement that holds people’s relationships at work together, even when things go wrong.   But if a situation starts to drift towards a conflict, when should you intervene in a low-level conflict, and how?  If a manager has the skills to address low-level disputes through discussion, it will save valuable management time in the long run, and avoid the negative impact of a conflict that has escalated.

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