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ILM Endorsed Award – Passport to Mediate

ILM Endorsed Award – The Professional Workplace Mediator

ILM Endorsed Award – Essential Mediation Skills

ILM Endorsed Award – Core Mediation Skills

ILM Endorsed Award – Mediating Group Disputes

ILM Endorsed Award – Managing a Mediation Service

ILM Endorsed Award – Neutral Assessment

Mediation for Managers

Introcuding Mediation Workshop

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Civil Mediation Council

College of Mediators

The Hive Society

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A toolkit for monitoring and evaluating your mediation service

An overview of our dispute resolution services

Assessing your grievance and disciplinary practices

Conflict coaching for managers

Group mediation – Why it’s not safe to use unexperienced mediators

How E-learning enabled managers to have good difficult conversations

How managers can have good difficult conversations

How to do a group mediation

How to get people to say ‘yes’ to mediation

How to get the most from your internal mediation service

How to set up a successful internal mediation service

How to sustain the business case for your mediation service

Improving your in-house mediation service

Improving your mediators’ skills and confidence

Managing student concers – a guide to the OIA framework

Mediation supervision: Make more of mediation at work

Overview of our training

Selecting and recruiting your in-house mediators

Selecting the right mediation course for your needs

Setting up a mediation call off contract

Should you set up an internal mediation service or use external mediators?

The complete guide to refering a conflict to an independent mediator

When to use mediation – The right and wrong times to use mediation at work

Why choose CMP as your mediation training partner

Why refer a conflict to an external mediator

Why we get into conflict at work