How much is conflict costing your organisation?

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The CBI estimates that workplace conflict costs UK business £33 billion per year, taking up 20% of leadership time and losing up to 370 million working days.

Perhaps the more urgent question is how much is it costing your organisation?

Identify these costs, and how they can be reduced, and you have the business case for investing in Conflict Competence – when your organisational culture, policies and support infrastructure keep the financial and human costs of conflict to a minimum.

There are the hard costs – litigation, Employment Tribunals, spending on mediators, investigators, conciliators and negotiators.  And there are the softer costs – reputational loss from high-profile cases, time spent managing grievances and disciplinaries, reductions in individual and team morale and productivity, sickness absence due to stress from bullying, increased staff turnover and so on.

CMP’s unique Conflict Profile™ helps you to identify your current Cost of Conflict by benchmarking your figures against the national average for an organisation of your size and sector.  Reducing those costs will underpin your strategic approach and be the cornerstone of your business case for investing in Conflict Competence.

Pick up the phone and speak with one of our specialists to access our unique Cost of Conflict calculator and start to make the case for investing in conflict prevention.

Cost of Conflict – “back of an envelope” calculation