Train your mediators, set up an internal mediation service – or source external support?

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You are considering introducing mediation; you have identified the many potential benefits for your organisation and you have identified clear objectives for it to deliver and be monitored against. 

The high-level decisions are in place.  Which of the four options for getting mediation into your business will be right for you?

  1. Referring an occasional case as the need arises
  2. Setting up a call-down contract with a provider, which should come with some added benefits
  3. Training one or two individuals internally to mediate
  4. Setting up an internal mediation service

Each has its benefits and drawbacks. But without being an expert in mediation, how do you know whether your mediation service should be staffed by internal mediators or outsourced to an external mediation company?

Public training courses

If you have less than 4 delegates to train, training in-house becomes non-efficient. CMP’s public courses offer an excellent alternative for those who want to train as mediators and investigators. Endorsed by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) our programmes are interactive, strong on practical exercises and focused feedback and run by specialists with many years of experience under their belts.

The best training programme I have ever been on! I enjoyed the training as it made me think differently I feel my approach to many types of meetings will be very different and I will handle them better. It has taught me to remain more neutral and more about my role in encouraging conversation. The training was novel, fun, challenging and quite unique.

ILM Professional Workplace Mediator Delegate, Senior Manager Highlands and Islands Council

The best and most interesting course I’ve been on. Good learning pack to support in-depth, challenging, highly participative group sessions. Demanding, satisfying, thought-provoking, intense and fun. It has changed the way I think about certain things and therefore will have a long lasting impact.

ILM Professional Workplace Mediator Delegate, Senior ManagerLeeds Beckett University

The mediation training was something new and completely different to anything I have ever done before. Completely relevant to what I want to pursue in future. The trainer kept it real, his passion for his art was obvious throughout. Thank you very much!

ILM Professional Workplace Mediator Training Delegate, MidwifeWrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust

I really enjoyed the mediation training course, the role plays were challenging but necessary and helped the team to bond.  The trainer was a very good facilitator, he allowed everyone the opportunity to express themselves.

ILM Professional Workplace Mediator, DirectorRelate, British Forces Germany

The mediation training was one of the best courses I have attended throughout my career. A superb trainer with extraordinary levels of experience, capacity and energy and a great deal of theoretical and practical experience knowledge, Michael knows the subject matter inside and out!

ILM Professional Workplace Mediator Training Delegate, Policy SpecialistInternational Atomic Energy Agency

The programme was excellent- very informative, challenging, and enjoyable. Using a practical approach to explore everything from the basics to the more advanced, the ILM Professional Workplace Mediator course gives you the confidence to apply these skills in practice. Highly recommended.

Mediation Service Set-up Commissioner and ILM Professional Workplace Mediator Delegate, Director of HRNorthumbria University

My sessions were very helpful to me, particularly as the mediator has an easy manner and good sense of humour, which facilitated open discussion.  They enabled me to explore sensitive issues in an objective but supportive environment and consider how I might do things better.

Mediation Party, Senior Managera Fire and Rescue service

If Carlsberg made mediation courses … The Professional Workplace Mediator course was without doubt the best training I’ve received – possibly even life changing. The course really did do what it said on the tin. From the moment we started the environment felt a safe place to be and a good place to be open to learn.  The trainer really is in a class of his own knows “his stuff” inside and out. Awesome!

ILM Professional Workplace Mediator Training Course, HR AdvisorUniversity of Exeter

This is probably the best learning that I have participated in for years. Well paced, excellent, supportive and developmental feedback. Really nice to refresh my skills and gain some confidence.

Mediation Skills Refresher DelegatePrivate Consultant

I was delighted with the group mediation training. It got straight to the point and didn’t go over old ground. It left me room to personalise the information to my needs and situation and provided a structure and method for group mediation which most importantly could flex to the needs of the situation and participants.

ILM Group Mediation Skills Training Delegate, Experiences Mediator Croydon Health Services NHS Trust

Internal or external mediators?

We will take you through the key things to consider in relation to:

  • Independence
  • Cost
  • Availability and speed
  • Cultural orientation
  • Timeliness
  • Case numbers

Your responses to the questions posed in this paper will leave you much clearer about which option is right for you.

Should you set up an internal mediation service or use external mediators?