Developing new values and behaviours at work

Values and culture matter, if you’re going to reduce the costs of conflict.

You may have the most comprehensive strategy in place to deal with workplace conflict and the most up-to-date policies and procedures, but none of this is worth the paper it is written on if people do not feel able to speak out.

Recent whistleblowing cases in the NHS and elsewhere have ably demonstrated the human and financial costs of ignoring this foundation stone of conflict competence.

To be successful, your strategy needs to operate in a climate in which people believe they can:

  • Speak out and be listened to
  • Raise problems and have them taken seriously
  • Challenge the behaviour and actions of colleagues, even those more senior than themselves
  • Ask for help with specific development needs
  • Tackle difficult situations with the support of the organisation behind them

Your organisational values and culture will make the difference to whether or not you are able to make the cost-savings you have identified in your business case. Your organisational values should be the cement that holds people’s relationships at work together, even when things go wrong.   But if a situation starts to drift towards a conflict, when should you intervene in a low-level conflict, and how?

If a manager has the skills to address low-level disputes through discussion, it will save valuable management time in the long run, and avoid the negative impact of a conflict that has escalated.

I was very pleased with the ILM Professional Workplace Mediator training provided for our new staff mediators.  The six-day programme was well-structured, and the content was presented clearly and concisely.  The trainer was flexible and sensitive to individual needs, and our trainees found the course challenging and highly stimulating.  I would be very happy to use CMP again in the future.

Mediation Service Set-up Commissioner and former ILM Professional Workplace Mediator Delegate, Head of ER DEFRA

The mediation skills training gave me the opportunity to explore my own responses to conflict and learn ways to manage, reflect back what is being said, and start to move towards a resolution, providing me a very good role model for mediation.

ILM Professional Workplace Mediator Training Delegate, General ManagerNHS Lothian

CMP were very flexible in meeting our specific needs. The trainer was very professional and all our mediators found the course challenging and thought provoking.

Advanced Mediation Training Commissioner and Delegate, Mediation Service ManagerEaling Mediation Service

I was delighted with the group mediation training. It got straight to the point and didn’t go over old ground. It left me room to personalise the information to my needs and situation and provided a structure and method for group mediation which most importantly could flex to the needs of the situation and participants.

ILM Group Mediation Skills Training Delegate, Experiences Mediator Croydon Health Services NHS Trust

I really enjoyed the hands-on practical nature of the advanced mediation skills training. The trainer was really approachable and made it very real and memorable – I felt comfortable to try and make mistakes and then learn from them.

Advanced Mediation Skills Training Delegate ,Head of Student VoiceUniversity of Manchester

I loved the Professional Workplace Mediator course:  it was challenging, thought provoking, stimulating and enjoyable throughout and an absolutely fantastic use of my time with a fantastic trainer.I will implement the learning in my day-to-day work as well as in my role as professional lead on mediation for the Civil Service.

ILM Professional Workplace Mediator Training Delegate, Civil Service Lead for MediationMinistry of Justice

The mediation training was well delivered, keeping me engaged 100% of the time. It was extremely interesting, and very useful and made me very aware of how mediation should be performed.

ILM Professional Workplace Mediator Training Delegate, Administrative AssistantInternational Atomic Energy Agency

An excellent refresher course with very positive feedback. A very useful and timely refresher that brought some interesting ideas to the fore – it was really enjoyable and I felt that the course was value for money and that delegates received a boost to their confidence. CMP staff are always professional, polite, and easily accessible.

Advanced Mediation Training Commissioner and Delegate, Mediation Service ManagerThe Home Office

CMP is an organisation at the top of their game and this was evidenced by the calibre of the trainers assigned to my project. Seldom do Training & Development Managers receive outstanding feedback from 100% of delegates who reported being fully engaged across six days of training. The CMP trainers, through their delivery style, personalities and course content and structure, did exactly this.

Mediation Service Set-up Commissioner and ILM Professional Workplace Mediator Delegate, Training and Development ManagerBoard of Community Health Councils Wales

I’m confident that we will make more use of mediation after this course. This was great training, as ever, from you.

Advanced Mediation Skills Training Delegate, Experienced mediatorThe Home Office

CMP Resolutions has a wealth of experience in working with organisations to develop and roll out corporate values and in assessing and developing a culture that supports a robust approach to conflict resolution.

We can:

  • Help you to develop your organisational values
  • Support you in bringing them alive and establishing their credibility
  • Audit your organisation’s culture and advise on where and how changes can be made
  • Advise on the development of whistleblowing, mediation, bullying and harassment and dignity policies to underpin organisational culture and values
  • Help you to communicate your organisation’s expectations

The role of values in creating a constructive workplace

Download our paper which looks at the role that values can play in supporting a more constructive approach to difficult situations at work.