About our mediation service

Most organisations will try to resolve a workplace dispute internally before they would consider calling on the services of a professional mediator. Perhaps the line manager(s) has intervened and then called upon the services of HR. Maybe one of the parties has talked directly to HR, or to a colleague or union representative, or approached an internal specialist trained in supporting the victims of bullying or discrimination.

Maybe the dispute is particularly sensitive – involving senior level individuals, an allegation of harassment, or a trade union official. There may be a risk to the organisation’s reputation or to an individual’s health and wellbeing.

However the case has arisen, it is likely to have been going on for some time, and to have drawn in a number of external players who have each offered advice or taken steps to make things better. Whatever the situation, you cannot afford for the next intervention to fail – you need a skilled conflict resolution professional to help the parties find a way forward.

This paper explains how we will not let you down, and gives some of the reasons why your trust in CMP will be rewarded when you refer a case to our mediation service.