Improving your mediators’ skills and confidence

You’ve invested significant time and effort in setting up an internal mediation service. You’ve sold the concept to your organisation, created the infrastructure to support the service, publicised it, and trained a group of mediators who are keen to exercise their skills.

Most in-house mediators will have undergone a week-long accredited training programme such as the ‘Professional Workplace Mediator’ course, and will have covered the theory and practice underpinning the mediation process and have had an opportunity to practice their skills in front of an experienced mediator and trainer. If they gain their Certificate they are competent to practice. However, they are also likely to be at the Conscious Competence stage of their learning journey and now need to build their confidence and continue to develop their skills.

This guide suggests ways in which this can be achieved, so that your mediation service benefits from the highest quality mediators and delivers the best possible results. Many ideas will cost your organisation very little financially – and those organisations that evaluate the return on investment that they get from their mediation service should see more mediations, resulting in more agreements, and fewer time-consuming formal processes, when they put in place mechanisms for the ongoing development of their mediators’ skills and confidence.

Improving your mediators skills and confidence