Outsourcing your harassment advisor service

Many organisations train volunteer staff to take on this role, variously called ‘Grievance Resolver’; ‘Harassment Advisor’; ‘Contact Officer’. Some employers prefer to outsource this support and CMP Resolutions is one of the few organisations in the UK able to provide this service.

We offer an independent harassment advisor service, where we provide advice for your
employees who are concerned that they may be being bullied, harassed, discriminated
against or are otherwise unhappy about a working relationship and who are unsure what steps to take.

The service involves our providing a service which works fast, delivers excellence, and
provides value for money. As you’d expect from CMP, we offer solid account and case
management processes, which enables us to identify any trends or gaps.

The project management we include, along with the management data we capture, allows us to identify broader trends and to add value to the contract by identifying areas of risk and for potential attention by you, to improve your organisation’s ability to create a harassment free culture.

This paper outlines how our service could work in your organisation.

PDF Cover Outsourcing your arassment advisro service