Establishing your internal mediation service

In-house mediation is a cost-effective way of managing conflict at work.  We pioneered in house workplace mediation in the UK and since then have set up services for more than 500 organisations.

There isn’t much we can’t help you with, when it comes to:

  • making and sustaining the business case – with clear targets and goals
  • positioning your service
  • recruiting and selecting the right people as mediators
  • training them so they are ready to take cases as solo or co-mediators
  • making sure mediation works -you can expect a  success rate of over 80% with our training
  • getting the message out there and ensuring uptake
  • raising the awareness of managers and staff about when and why to give mediation a go
  • measuring and evaluating the impact of mediation against your aims
  • providing ongoing support and development so your mediators stay committed, skilful and available.

We include all the support and guidance you need

With CMP you get advice and guidance based on 20 years’ experience setting up house mediation services,and supporting them to deliver results. So you also get:

  • Everything you need to set up, market, manage and monitor your service
  • Consultancy and guidance before and after the training
  • Training methods  to create the highest levels of skills, competencies and understanding.
  • Assessed role plays every day to really give mediators confidence and experience
  • Feedback and coaching from trainers who are practising mediators
  • 12 months free support
  • 6 free webinars, additional resources, and social learning

A highly interactive and participative course; just what we wanted. The trainer was very experienced, using personal anecdotes to make scenarios ‘come alive’.

Mediation Service Set-up Commissioner and ILM Professional Workplace Mediator Delegate, Mediation LeadThe Department for Business, Innovation and Skills

CMP always go the extra mile because in addition to the mediation training and accreditation we also got support with difficult situations and participation in a network of mediators across the Public and Private sector where good practise was shared.

Difficult Conversation and ILM Professional Workplace Mediator Training Delegate, Head of WelfareHM Revenue and Customs

We have now had almost 40 members of staff receive training from CMP. They are the most effective, efficient and professional trainers I have had the privilege to work with.

Mediation Skills Training Commissioner and Delegate, Neighbour Relations ManagerGlasgow Housing Association

An excellent refresher course with very positive feedback. A very useful and timely refresher that brought some interesting ideas to the fore – it was really enjoyable and I felt that the course was value for money and that delegates received a boost to their confidence. CMP staff are always professional, polite, and easily accessible.

Advanced Mediation Training Commissioner and Delegate, Mediation Service ManagerThe Home Office

I had half thought ‘how can it need six days to learn to mediate’, and then after the course I thought, ‘I need another six days!’ It was a lot more of a roller coaster than you might think, with more self-learning, building awareness of how you react to others in different situations. It was very useful to us and a powerful experience. The delegates are all very intellectually capable, and the training includes theory, practice and reflection – a nice mixture that covers the way different people prefer to learn.

Mediation Service Set-up Commissioner and ILM Professional Workplace Mediator Delegate, Occupational Health Manager Birmingham University

The Advanced Mediation programme was an excellent course focused on some of the more challenging aspects of being a mediator.

Advanced Mediation Skills Training Delegate, Case Worker Foreign and Commonwealth Office

I thoroughly enjoyed the the mediation refresher as the last time I saw a role play was almost 4 years ago! So it was great to observe and learn different techniques. Very friendly trainer, a great listener and very knowledgeable

Mediation Skills Refresher Delegate, Senior ManagerBritish Airways

If Carlsberg made mediation courses … The Professional Workplace Mediator course was without doubt the best training I’ve received – possibly even life changing. The course really did do what it said on the tin. From the moment we started the environment felt a safe place to be and a good place to be open to learn.  The trainer really is in a class of his own knows “his stuff” inside and out. Awesome!

ILM Professional Workplace Mediator Training Course, HR AdvisorUniversity of Exeter

The training was really excellent and given us a huge bank of skills to use in our everyday working environment. The training was much harder than we had thought – in our view, a good thing! We had an excellent trainer with a huge range of expertise and experience and whose skills we really admired. As a group we would definitely recommend this training to others and certainly would recommend CMP as a training provider.

Mediation Service Set-up Coordinator and ILM Passport to Mediate Delegate, Headteacher Support Service CoordinatorHead Teachers Support Network

Our SMT found the training to be extremely helpful. The programme was customised to meet our specific needs. We were pleased with the balance of theory, case studies and role play, which enabled us to test our new skills in a safe environment.

Mediation and Conflict Management Skills Training Commissioner and Delegate, Senior ManagerWelsh Assembly

Video Testimonial

Patrick Alleyne, Human Resources Manager for the Greater London Authority talks about his experience of working with CMP for over 10 years on setting up their in-house service and training their mediators, whilst touching on his experience of outsourcing sensitive cases to us too.

Manage Workplace Conflict

Superintendent Chas Bailey provides a case study detailing how the Metropolitan Police has successfully embedded their in-house mediation service to manage conflict and prevent escalation of workplace conflict to investigation or tribunal. He explains how he has used CMP’s accredited mediation training, consultancy and ongoing support to ensure mediators work to best practice standards.

Using mediation in an emergency service case study

How to set up a successful internal mediation service

Our extensive experience has shown that these areas are the ones that influence whether a mediation service is effective and successful in the longer term.

This checklist will help you design a robust service which will work for your organisation.

How to set up a successful internal mediation service