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Identifying the return on investment from your conflict management strategy

While workplace conflict may cost UK plc £33 billion (CBI data) every year, your more urgent question probably is, how much is it costing your organisation?

Identify these costs, and how they can be reduced, and you have your business case for investing in Conflict Competence.

There are the hard costs – litigation, Employment Tribunals, spending on resolution professionals such as mediators, investigators, conciliators and negotiators. And there are the softer costs – reputational loss from high-profile disputes, time spent managing grievances and disciplinaries, reductions in individual and team productivity, sickness absence due to stress from bullying, increased staff turnover and so on.

Why a conflict-competent organisation invests in preventative measures

To cut out wasted costs and maximise your return on investment you need to be able to Close, Manage and Prevent negative workplace conflict.

Most organisations spend far more on Close than they do on Manage and Prevent activities. This is where the highest financial and human costs of conflict are incurred. They do not have the resolution skills and infrastructure to nip conflict in the bud.

In organisations with a healthy conflict profile the three elements are in balance.

CMP’s unique Conflict Profile™ helps you to identify your current costs of conflict and benchmarks these against the national average for an organisation of your size and sector. Reducing those costs will underpin your strategic approach and be the cornerstone of your business case for investing in Conflict Competence.

Pick up the phone and speak with one of our specialists for a no-commitment discussion about making the business case for Conflict Competence.

Feedback from attendees has been excellent. Well done CMP for providing excellent training, we will use CMP again. The Workplace Investigator training was a robust and in-depth training event, tailored very well to the unique policy application of the Scottish Government.  Delivered by a very knowledgeable trainer who was able to able to assess the needs of the group and who was confident and flexible enough to be able to concentrate on specific areas when required, whilst still maintaining deadlines etc.

ILM Professional Workplace Investigator Training Delegate, Diversity AdvisorScottish Governtment

We use CMP Resolutions to help us handle very complex, highly sensitive mediations and investigations.  We have been impressed by their speed of response, the professionalism of their people, not only their mediators and investigators but also their back office and logistics.  Most importantly the outcomes of their work have enabled us to resolve our issues successfully. Would we use them again? Without question. They are our “goto” solution.

Independent Investigation and Outsourced Mediation Commissioner, Director of Employee RelationsStates of Jersey

CMP’s independent investigation enabled a clear decision to be made. CMP is a very good company to do business with – reliable and thorough, they deliver within timescales and keep you informed. They provided very good value for money and I would definitely recommend CMP.

Independent Investigation referrer, HR Managera London Borough Council

Working with such an experienced and professional organisation has been incredibly refreshing and our in-house mediation service has been enhanced as a result. The course was fantastic and people left feeling confident with the skills. The course content was comprehensive and the training techniques first class. The trainer worked with us to discuss service development and implementation. CMP Resolutions provided a lot of support which has helped immensely in getting this project off the ground.

Mediation Service Project Lead and ILM Professional Workplace Mediator Delegate, HR Projects ManagerUniversity of York

I have always found CMP courses to be stimulating, challenging, at the cutting edge of current thinking and practice, while professionally delivered and supported. The ILM Professional Workplace Mediator programme, delivered to us in-house, was no exception and feedback from the participants fully endorses my comments.

Mediation Service Commissioner, Mediation and Conflict Resolution ManagerDevon County Council

We worked closely with CMP to ensure that the homelessness mediation training course was tailored to the specific needs of the organisations and we certainly got what we purchased. The training was superb and fully met the needs of each organisation and their specific delegates.

Mediation Service Lead and ILM Professional Workplace Mediator Delegate, ManagerLet's Build

The support and advice we have received thus far from CMP Resolutions has been invaluable to us as an organisation. We appointed CMP in 2014 to provide expert mediators in a timely fashion, and renewed our contract with them for a further 3 years.

Mediation Service CoordinatorUniversity of Northampton

CMP is a very good company to do business with and I would definitely recommend them.  I was very happy with the service offered, the investigation training and the follow-up support.  Our organisational objectives were clearly met by CMP’s involvement and I believe the training has provided the foundation for success.

Mediation Service Set-up, and Training Commissioner, Acting Head of HR,Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust

My test of a good training provider lies not with it’s “off the shelf” courses, but in how it applies its skills to the context of the customer. The tailored mediation training provided by CMP not only met my benchmark test, but exceeded it by some margin.

From commissioning to organising the training, then the delivery and follow up CMP have been exceptional as they are interested not only in the quality of what they deliver but in the quality of what we as a customer can then do.

Mediation Service Set-up Lead and ILM Professional Workplace Mediator Delegate, Senior HR ManagerHighlands and Islands Enterprise

CMP is a very good company to do business with, all of our objectives were clearly met for very good value, all aspects of communication were fantastic and we would definitely recommend them. We did not want an off the shelf package for bullying and harassment training, but we didn’t know what we needed either. CMP provided professional credibility, expert support, and great flexibility to tailor the workshops to meet our requirements.

Dignity and Respect, Manager Skills and Bespoke Conflict Management Training Coordinator, Workplace coordinatorBedford Borough Council

How much is conflict costing your organisation?

You need to know how well your organisation is managing its conflict; how good your conflict management capability is; whether you are getting the right return when you do spend on managing workplace conflict.

By using a tool such as CMP Resolutions’ unique online Conflict Profile™, you can get a full report on the cost to you every year of unnecessary and unresolved conflicts in your organisation, department or divisions.

PDF Cover How to find out how much conflict is costing your organisation