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Improving mediators’ skills and confidence

Don’t let your mediators lose their enthusiasm or skill, as this will damage their mediation practice and negatively impact on your organisation.

Mediators whose training was some time ago need their skills refreshing, while those who have case-loads under their belt will be ready for some CPD and advanced training. 

Why you should refresh your mediators

If your mediators haven’t done much case work since their initial training, it makes sense to refresh their skills and revitalise their commitment.  Those who have done mediation cases may need a review of how they’re working to ensure no bad habits have crept in.  And membership of the College of Mediators – which we recommend – means that mediators need CPD or supervision each year; our Refresher Training meets that need.

Why you should strengthen your mediators

Mediators who can mediate a wide range of disputes will be more useful for your organisation.  It makes little sense to have inhouse mediators who say ‘no’ to complex cases which you then have to get an independent mediator in to work on. The more confident and skillful your mediators are, the more flexible you can be about what they mediate.

And if you want your mediators  to join the College of Mediators as a Registered Mediator they need to demonstrate a certain level of CPD.

We have a range of endorsed advanced mediator training programmes which we deliver inhouse for a team of mediators; and some are run on a public basis.

We can train your mediators to carry out group mediations; to mediate Equality and Diversity disputes or post-grievance cases; and our course ‘Getting to “OK”‘ is an intensive day masterclass on encouraging parties into mediation.

You can offer mentoring to your mediators

Inevitably in-house mediators come across complex or challenging cases and it’s important that they have access to someone with more mediation experience to support them.  This might be mediation supervision by email, face to face, or via Virtual Conferencing; or through mentoring, for example getting an experienced mediator to co-work with them to build the capacity and confidence of your in-house mediation team.

This kind of buddying or mentoring is a focussed and resource-intensive way of quickly developing skills.

The trainer for my Advanced Mediation course was excellent, flexible and got completely to the point – with thorough discussions: an excellent trainer.

Advanced Mediation Skills Training Delegate, LecturerUniversity of Bradford

I know my fellow staff mediators would find this advanced mediation training as interesting as I did. The trainer’s depth of knowledge and experience was critical.

Advanced Mediation Skills Training Delegate, Staff Mediatora Public Sector Institute

The trainer on this advanced mediation course was one of the best facilitators I have had the pleasure to learn from.

Advanced Mediation Skills Training Delegate, Experienced mediatorForeign and Commonwealth Office

I’m confident that we will make more use of mediation after this course. This was great training, as ever, from you.

Advanced Mediation Skills Training Delegate, Experienced mediatorThe Home Office

The Advanced Mediation programme was an excellent course focused on some of the more challenging aspects of being a mediator.

Advanced Mediation Skills Training Delegate, Case Worker Foreign and Commonwealth Office

I really enjoyed the hands-on practical nature of the advanced mediation skills training. The trainer was really approachable and made it very real and memorable – I felt comfortable to try and make mistakes and then learn from them.

Advanced Mediation Skills Training Delegate ,Head of Student VoiceUniversity of Manchester

The group mediation trainer demonstrated experience and expertise. The course dealt effectively with all my concerns which boosted my confidence and encouraged effective and collaborative working with groups.

ILM Group Mediation Skills Training Delegate, HR ManagerThe Labour Relations Agency

CMP were very flexible in meeting our specific needs. The trainer was very professional and all our mediators found the course challenging and thought provoking.

Advanced Mediation Training Commissioner and Delegate, Mediation Service ManagerEaling Mediation Service

This was very useful and has motivated me to do the Achieving Mediation Excellence audit

Mediation Service Set-up Project Lead and ILM Professional Workplace Mediator and Advanced Mediation Skills Delegate, Service Managera Higher Education Institute

I have better understanding of Mental Health and mediation and confidence that it’s not about the issue but about the management of the session. Both trainers were excellent and fielded all questions with confidence and ease.

Advanced Mediation Skills Training DelegatePrivate Consultant

Our programmes are recognised and registered by the College of Mediators and attract College CPD points.  So take your membership of the College to the next level by becoming an Approved Mediator.

Get better mediation results with more sophisticated mediators

This guide suggests ways of ensuring your mediation service benefits from the highest quality mediators and delivers the best possible results. Includes 8 ways to re-energise your mediators.

Improving your mediators skills and confidence