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Improving your existing mediation service

Training workplace mediators alone won’t give you access to the full benefits of mediation.

To really get mediation at work embedded in your organisation, you need to do more.  You need a communications plan and someone to lead on it.  So plan a series of webinars, or demonstrations; posters about the service with easy confidential contact details; put notices in with payslips.

Most people have assumptions (usually incorrect!) about what mediation is.  They certainly won’t be aware of why you’ve set your service up and how to access it, unless you tell them.  So run awareness raising sessions for staff, union-reps, management – and make sure your EAP or counsellors are on board.

Ensure as a priority that your HR team understand and have bought into the benefits of mediation. This includes when it’s appropriate, and have been given the skills to encourage parties to say yes to mediation.

Work with managers, because if you want to realise the culture-changing benefits, then you’ll need to give managers the mediation mind-set: short courses to help them see that mediation is an add-on to good management practices, and to enable them to take a mediation-style approach to their staff.

CMP offer an impressive blend of professional expertise and workplace mediation experience. Their trainers are challenging and thought-provoking and used realistic exercises relevant to our work. Our delegates were stimulated and inspired, and have brought valuable and lasting benefits back to the organisation.

Mediation Serivice Set-up and ILM Professional Workplace Mediator, comments from the Head of Human ResourcesMetropolitan Police

Just a note to say how useful this was: particularly the case study which has really given us some ideas to follow up.

ILM Professional Workplace Mediator Delegate, Senior Managera Higher Education Institute

The training was really excellent and given us a huge bank of skills to use in our everyday working environment. The training was much harder than we had thought – in our view, a good thing! We had an excellent trainer with a huge range of expertise and experience and whose skills we really admired. As a group we would definitely recommend this training to others and certainly would recommend CMP as a training provider.

Mediation Service Set-up Coordinator and ILM Passport to Mediate Delegate, Headteacher Support Service CoordinatorHead Teachers Support Network

I found the ILM Professional Workplace Mediator training and support from CMP to be excellent. It enabled the University to develop a successful in-house mediation service which provides managers and staff with an effective route towards better working relationships.

Mediation Service Set-up Commissioner and ILM Professional Workplace Mediator Delegate, Head of EqualitySunderland University

CMP always go the extra mile because in addition to the mediation training and accreditation we also got support with difficult situations and participation in a network of mediators across the Public and Private sector where good practise was shared.

Difficult Conversation and ILM Professional Workplace Mediator Training Delegate, Head of WelfareHM Revenue and Customs

We worked closely with CMP to ensure that the homelessness mediation training course was tailored to the specific needs of the organisations and we certainly got what we purchased. The training was superb and fully met the needs of each organisation and their specific delegates.

Mediation Service Lead and ILM Professional Workplace Mediator Delegate, ManagerLet's Build

Thank you CMP for the excellent training.  We have received very positive feedback from those who attended the course.  The literature provided by CMP was professional, thorough and easy to understand.  We would always recommend you to others.

Mediation Service Commissioner and ILM Professional Workplace Mediator Delegate, Service Manager Young Devon

Working with such an experienced and professional organisation has been incredibly refreshing and our in-house mediation service has been enhanced as a result. The course was fantastic and people left feeling confident with the skills. The course content was comprehensive and the training techniques first class.

Mediation Service Commissioner and ILM Professional Workplace Mediator Delegate, Director of HRThe University of York

A highly interactive and participative course; just what we wanted. The trainer was very experienced, using personal anecdotes to make scenarios ‘come alive’.

Mediation Service Set-up Commissioner and ILM Professional Workplace Mediator Delegate, Mediation LeadThe Department for Business, Innovation and Skills

Excellent quality course which appropriately addressed the needs and requirements of the learners. All the staff trained stated that it was one of the best courses they had ever attended, and they hope that they can undertake further training with this organisation in the future.

Mediation Service Set-up Commissioner and ILM Professional Workplace Mediator Delegate, Learning and Development ManagerHMPS - NOMS

22 ways to improve your in house mediation service

By having a stronger mediation service, you’ll be better placed – and more confident – to offer your mediators to any networks or shared services your organisation is involved in.

This paper outlines some steps you can take that will result in an increase in user uptake and a decrease in levels and costs of conflict.

Improving your mediation service