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We support organisations to investigate workplace complaints to best practice standards by enabling managers to handle grievances and disciplinary matters to best practice standards with our nationally accredited investigation training. 

We are experts in helping organisations to investigate workplace complaints, not only grievance and disciplinary matters, but also student complaints, customer complaints, Serious Incidents and Whistleblowing.

If you have to do a formal investigation, this should be carried out in line with the relevant policies, procedures and legislation.  And it is essential to conduct any type of workplace investigation really well – sensitively, robustly and impartially – as this will reduce your risk of Appeals and ET claims.

Set up a call-off contract for independent investigations

Many organisations have contracted with us to carry out grievance investigations, disciplinary investigations and student complaints investigations under a framework or call-off contract.  Our expert workplace investigators do all the work necessary for your Deciding Officers or Hearing Managers to reach a robust determination from our fair and rigorous reports.  These organisations benefit from our speed, quality and integration with their business, as well as our expertise in the best ways to investigate a complaint at work.

One-off investigations

If you have a serious, complex misconduct investigation to carry out, such as a workplace grievance investigation or harassment complaint, simply refer the matter to us and we will apply best practice in managing concerns at work; you will have the reassurance of working with the UK’s leading provider of workplace investigations, as well as having the case turned around within 30 days.

Improve how managers’ and HR investigate workplace complaints

Our ILM-endorsed investigation skills programmes enable people with all levels of prior experience to carry out any type of internal investigation, from grievance and disciplinary investigations, investigations into Student Complaints, Serious Incidents and Never Events in Health and Social Care, to Whistleblowing concerns.

Courses are delivered in-house at your site, or if you have fewer than 4 delegates we run our ILM-endorsed Professional Workplace Investigator course as a public course.  All courses come with workplace investigation checklists and templates, a clear and robust investigation process which clarifies the investigation process steps and which investigative questions to ask, and sample investigation reports.  Our practitioners are all experienced workplace investigators themselves, as well as excellent trainers.

I thoroughly enjoyed this course and learned a lot. The trainer was very knowledgeable and able to explain the subject matter very clearly. Lots of hands-on practice with realistic and thought provoking exercises. Small number of participants meant that the training could be adapted to individual needs.

ILM Professional Workplace Investigator Training Delegate, Chief Fraud OfficerThe International Labour Organisation (ILO)

I learned a lot and feel more clear about what is and isn’t expected. It’s been very helpful. The trainer was lovely.

Investigation Skills Training Delegate, Senior ManagerCambridge City Council

The investigation training was interesting and showed a different side of the investigation process, Tim has an informal style and is very knowledgeable.

Investigation Training Delegate, Design Authority - Process controlBAE Systems

The course has really delivered what we needed and hit all of the right notes. Feedback from delegates has been very positive. We have really valued the robust assessment on the course and what really stood out is the opportunity to really practice the skills and get effective coaching and feedback.  The activities allowed for authentic challenges and sticky situations, which in turn allowed for delegates to practice and get feedback in a safe environment.

ILM Professional Workplace Investigator Training Delegate, Head of HRa Not for Profit Organisaiton

Enjoyable course which put meat on the bones for my previous on-the-job learning, with some practical learning points to take away. The trainer was very personable and informative.

Student Complaints Training Delegate, Senior Lecturer Cardiff University

CMP is very professional, clear on process and delivered within the timescale – there was huge efficiency internally, precisely the reason for outsourcing the investigations. We received feedback that the grievance investigator was very good with witnesses, which we felt was essential because it put them at their ease.

Independent Investigation referrer, HR ManagerPrivate Sector FTS200

An excellent course which was well presented with a good mix of instruction and practice.

ILM Professional Workplace Investigator Training Delegate, Head of HRBournemouth Borough Council

Conflict management training was a totally new concept to me! The trainer was excellent, and very witty. He delivered the course at a good pace with superb knowledge.

Conflict Management Training Delegate, Deputy ManagerStaffordshire & West Midlands Community Rehabilitation Company

We are magnificently impressed with the robustness and thoroughness of the investigation provided by CMP Resolutions.

Independent Investigation Commissioner, DirectorFreightliner

We used CMP to train Specialist Investigators to work on cases of bullying and harassment that had reached a formal stage; and to train workplace facilitators/mediators to help individuals discuss and potentially resolve their differences.  The trainers from CMP were highly professional and knowledegable. The participants felt that the respective courses were hard work but enjoyable. As an organisation we feel that their skills and knowledge has given us a bank of people who are skilled and very able to help the Trust in maintaining a work environment free of unwelcome behaviour.

Training Commissioner, Learning & Development Managera NHS Trust
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It is important that your policies, procedures and practices are up to date, well-understood, and correctly applied, if you are to avoid unnecessary costs as you manage this aspect of the employee relationship.

This summary paper will help you to see how you’re performing.

The Department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) in the UK estimates a grievance costs £20,000 to manage, once you take the internal time into account. There are additional invisible costs like staff absence and lost productivity.

So when you use an internal investigator make sure they are fit for purpose.