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Healthy disagreement and challenge are catalysts for innovation and change.  However, when differences turn into disputes, all organisations need people with well-developed conflict resolution skills to move things forward.

CMP Resolutions’ expertise lies in facilitating a reconciliation between people, teams or groups with destructive interpersonal differences.  We help people at all levels to understand their conflict triggers, articulate their needs and take responsibility for rebuilding their relationships.

The chances are that you have navigated here because you have been asked to intervene in a conflict, or are uncomfortable about a working relationship of your own.

CMP Resolutions can help.  We specialise in getting to the root of the problem and helping individuals, teams and organisations to function effectively again.  We pride ourselves in resolving the un-resolvable!  We do this in three ways:

By mediating with the people involved.

To help them find a way through their conflict. We handle anything from a two-party dispute to large teams split into factions.  We assess each situation and advise on what is required to turn it around.  We have a loyal and experienced team of mediators across the UK and can also provide mediators with expertise in Community, Family and Educational settings.  Richard – have I missed any mediation types?

By carrying out Neutral Assessments.

You may have tried to intervene in a larger group conflict.  You may suspect that there are issues no-one is prepared to come forward with.   The situation may be complex, with several factions, multiple issues and a number of different resolution options all carrying a degree of risk.  This is when a Neutral Assessment is invaluable in surfacing issues and deciding upon a course of action.   Our Neutral Assessors work fast, impartially and confidentially to get the views of all involved and to produce a practical, realistic set of recommendations for moving things forward.  Our Practitioners are skilled in gaining trust.  Emotionally intelligent, they also have strong questioning and analytical skills that enable them to dig beneath the presenting issues and get to the core of the matter.   They are solution-focused and pragmatic in their recommendations, bringing to bear their considerable experience in the field of conflict resolution.

By training your employees to resolve disputes.

We have a range of training programmes designed to enhance the communication and conflict resolution skills of your employees.  Whether you wish to introduce a formal, in-house mediation service with mediators trained on an accredited programme, or simply up-skill your employees to manage conflict better, CMP Resolutions has a solution to offer.  All of our trainers are also practitioners and have current experience to draw upon.   Our mediation skills programmes are endorsed by the College of Mediators and many of them are ILM accredited.

Whether you are looking for an informal resolution to a difficult workplace relationship, or to enhance your employees’ conflict-handling skills, make CMP Resolutions your first port of call.

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Download our papers on Neutral Assessment and Mediation services, and read our case study on how York University has developed its own successful internal Mediation Service for staff and for students.  Or contact us to discuss the right dispute resolution approach for your needs.

The mediator made a massive difference. We were able to sort things out and most of what I’d been worried about didn’t happen. I’d definitely recommend this to my colleagues.

Mediation Party, Managera Higher Education Institute

CMP understood what was needed and using mediation were able to ‘unblock’ in a day a working relationship that had been difficult for some time. This was a very worthwhile investment.  Since the mediation took place, no more HR time has needed to be spent on this case and the parties have a better understanding of each other’s motivations.

Outsourced Mediation Commissioner, Director of HRGalliford Try

It was very helpful to have someone there in the mediation to calm things down.  Having met her first meant I understood what was going to happen so felt more confident.  Things are much better at work. Thank you.

Mediation Party, Professora Redbrick University

The mediator was excellent.  This has achieved our objectives of getting clarity from the parties and a clear commitment for a way forward.  This complex and difficult situation has been expertly handled by CMP and we would not hesitate to use them in the future.

Director of HRThe University of Winchester

The support and advice we have received thus far from CMP Resolutions has been invaluable to us as an organisation. We appointed CMP in 2014 to provide expert mediators in a timely fashion, and renewed our contract with them for a further 3 years.

Mediation Service CoordinatorUniversity of Northampton

Without this mediation process, I think we would have struggled to move the situation forward. I found CMP very efficient. They provided a flexible service,  tailored to meet our needs.

Outsourced Mediation Commissioner, HR and OD Manager, Norfolk County Council

The mediation was a difficult meeting and not something I hope to ever repeat! But so worthwhile, despite that.  I believe that we will be able to work together better now, and it’s clear that my team feels more relaxed now relationships are better between me and the other party.

Mediation Party, Managera FTSE 250 organisation

The whole mediation process has gone very smoothly and very quickly, and met the needs of the parties and the organisation; the feedback from parties was that the service was very well received and they seem to be working well together since the mediation. They have been very complimentary about the process and the skills of the mediator from CMP.

Outsourced Mediation Commissioner, Director of HRSovereign Housing Ltd

I was incredibly impressed by the perseverance and calmness of my mediator in what must have been a particularly taxing situation.  Without their interventions we would still be at logger heads.  Rather my surprise, I would wholeheartedly recommend mediation to colleagues.

Mediation Party, Managera GP Practice

The mediation has been very effective, it achieved what we wanted with regards to the interpersonal relationships within this team and also provided us with a clearer picture of the wider issues so that HR can better support the team. The original issues appear to have melted away, and parties are able to work together positively and with respect for each other’s working styles.  The tailored support from CMP provided HR with support on thinking through issues and the organisational processes.

Outsourced Mediation Commissioner, HR Business PartnerInternational Institute for Environment & Development

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University of York case study
PDF Cover How to take a better approach to managing conflict at work

Too often, employers have a knee-jerk response when conflict strikes, which result in inconsistent reactions, problems and failures of process, and the escalation of matters which, if addressed correctly in the first instance, could have been resolved earlier with less stress and misery for all (including HR!).

This paper explains what you can do to improve how you respond to conflict by taking a systematic approach to the disputes that occur in any workplace. This means you get the right tool for the job, first time which reduces conflicts escalating to the final and formal complaint stage.