Our Partners

CMP Resolutions strives to be a thought leader in its field.  We are constantly challenging our thinking and approach, so that we can deliver on our mission to enable great solutions to emerge through diverse experiences and contributions.

Our partners support us in delivering on this mission, assist us in championing the power and impact of a strategic approach to conflict, and help us in developing innovative approaches to dispute resolution.

FTP Support Ltd.

Provides support to individuals and to organisations within the regulated health care professions in preventing and managing Fitness to Practice issues.

AXA PPP Healthcare

When health and absence problems are triggered by poor workplace relationships, AXA PPP and CMP Resolutions work together to deal with the root causes.


Our partnership with Validium has enhanced both organisations’ ability to support customers in tackling workplace conflict, and in developing improved ‘conflict competence’.

Civil Mediation Council

The Civil Mediation Council is the recognised authority in the country for all matters related to civil, commercial, workplace and other non-family mediation.  CMP Resolutions works closely with the CMC to develop the practice and awareness of workplace mediation.

College of Mediators

CMP Resolutions is an active member of The College of Mediators, a membership body for mediators working in all areas of practice.  It is an independent, standards-setting organisation which approves mediation training providers, and works with mediators and organisations nationally to improve mediation service provision and to develop mediation as a profession.


We have partnered with Selenity to help our clients discover how a HR case management system can improve compliance, increase visibility and reduce case management errors. With ER Tracker you can turn your paper HR policies into manageable, visible stages and steps; featuring integrated emails, letter templates, email notifications and real-time dashboards.