In-house training

How we deliver in-house training

Before delivering any training at your premises to your staff, we meet with you first to:

  • Understand your goals and the wider organizational context for the training need
  • Define the training scope
  • Finalise the learning outcomes
  • Develop case studies to be used on-course

We change people’s skills, and behaviours.  So we run sophisticated training in a supportive learning environment where your people are stretched and challenged.

We use the full range of learning processes

  • Formal trainer input on theory and skills
  • Trainer sharing their experiences from own practice
  • Trainer demonstration of what works and what doesn’t work
  • Pair work for personal reflection
  • Small groups to discuss and prepare flipcharts to feedback on specific learning outcomes
  • Plenary discussions
  • Video clips of key skills
  • Supportive role plays with motivational and developmental coaching from the trainer
  • We review the learning covered at the close of each day and recap the following day, allowing questions and feed-back on their use of the skills in the interim, to monitor the learner performance
  • We provide trainer feedback to each delegate at the close of the entire programme on their strengths, areas for development, and achievement of the learning outcomes

The materials we provide

  • Course objectives, programme outline and timings
  • Hand-outs to illustrate and support course content and reinforce learning
  • All the necessary materials for role plays, case studies and exercises, and sheets on which to record their answers and notes
  • Back up notes for additional deeper and wider reading
  • Templates for working with the skills

Ongoing support is included

We supply a complete pre-training pack with everything you need: for example, to select and recruit volunteers, guidance on issues to resolve before we deliver any training.

After the training you get a complete pack with everything you need to manage, measure and use the skills we have developed.

How we assess

For ILM Endorsed programmes, we assess skills in the classroom during the role plays and for some courses there is a post-course pack which is submitted  (video, podcast… doesn’t have to be in writing) which is part of the accreditation process.

We share all learning outcomes upfront and communicate clearly what is expected at every stage and each role-play. We want to create opportunities for people to demonstrate that they have achieved the competencies!

The trainer produces accurate and fair evidence of competence which is summarized at the end of the course in writing for each learner and for you.

We have an Appeal Process and Complaints process for candidates. It is possible, although rare, for participants not to meet the standards set by us and the awarding body on certificate-level programmes.

Delegates evaluate the training on the last day to give an immediate assessment of the success of the programme to Kirkpatrick Level 3. They also self-score on skills before and after the training to measure the amount of learning that has taken place. This data is shared with you to give a benchmark of the skills that they have developed.

The cost of the training

This varies with your learner numbers and the number of courses you want us to deliver. We don’t want cost to get in the way of people accessing the benefits of our training, so it’s always worth talking to us about your budget expectations.

Post-course support

We don’t just parachute in, then leave. We want our training to make a difference to your organisation so we:

  • Review the course with you
  • include 12 months email and telephone support to all delegates
  • on certificate-level courses we include a day of “refresh and review” 6 months after the end of the course to ensure people are ‘getting it’ in practice.

Our in-house training programmes can all be tailored to your needs

public mediation courses

In-house Mediation Training

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In-house Investigation Training

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In-house Conflict Management Training