Our Work

CMP Resolutions is in business to improve its clients’ organisational performance through better management of conflict at work.

We do this by harnessing the power of constructive conflict and the diversity of your people’s views and experience, and by designing interventions that deliver solutions to damaged workplace relationships and effect positive behavioural change.

Whether you have an existing problem or want to prevent disputes happening in the future, CMP can help.  We pride ourselves in being able to deliver solutions where others have failed.  Our highly skilled practitioners can work alongside you to:

  • take on some or all of the burden of investigations, for example disciplinary or grievance cases, Serious Incidents/Never Events, bullying, harassment and whistleblowing cases or student complaints
  • mediate in disputes between individuals, within or between teams
  • set up your own in-house team of trained mediators or investigators
  • draw up and negotiate settlement agreements
  • advise on dispute resolution strategy, from making the business case, through implementation to measuring the return on investment

We know that workplace conflict is only a problem when it is badly managed or left unresolved.  We are skilled at helping people at all levels to work through their difficulties and build stronger, more resilient relationships.  Our training courses focus on embedding the vital skills necessary for building strong working relationships built on trust, understanding, common goals and an appreciation of the value of difference.   If your people are your business, then CMP can help you to help them align their behaviours with your values and mission and so deliver better results.