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Proactively preventing complaints

If you really want to close complaints, the best way is to prevent low-level conflicts from becoming negative and nasty.

Any approach to conflict management should include:

  • Determining a benchmark against which to measure the success of your efforts
  • Identifying the indicators that matter most to your organisation
  • Objectively reviewing the conflict culture from top to bottom
  • Taking action at every level – from top, to bottom – which, collectively, shifts your conflict management processes up a gear so that they support a dialogue-based culture

Changing your culture to one where conflict is proactively managed, is tough. But CMP has experience of achieving this, and has a range of solutions.

CMP is a very good company to do business with, all of our objectives were clearly met for very good value, all aspects of communication were fantastic and we would definitely recommend them. We did not want an off the shelf package for bullying and harassment training, but we didn’t know what we needed either. CMP provided professional credibility, expert support, and great flexibility to tailor the workshops to meet our requirements.

Dignity and Respect, Manager Skills and Bespoke Conflict Management Training Coordinator, Workplace coordinatorBedford Borough Council

My sessions were very helpful to me, particularly as the coach had an easy manner and good sense of humour, which facilitate open discussion.  They enabled me to explore sensitive issues in an objective but supportive environment and consider how I might do things better.

Coachee, Senior Managera Police service

This course gave me really good skills that will enable me to perform my day to day role with a new attitude to dealing with conflict.

Conflict Management Skills Training Delegate, Senior ManagerHM Prison Service

More useful by far than I’d thought. CMP’s coach was very supportive and gave me lots of things to actually do differently. It was good being able to talk so openly to someone who didn’t judge. What has changed is I feel like a proper manager.

Coachee, Managera SME

The conflict management training made me think more ‘outside the box’ re: supervision or dealing with issues, being more honest and direct.

Conflict Management Training Delegate, Senior Admin AssistantStaffordshire & West Midlands Community Rehabilitation Company

Conflict management training was a totally new concept to me! The trainer was excellent, and very witty. He delivered the course at a good pace with superb knowledge.

Conflict Management Training Delegate, Deputy ManagerStaffordshire & West Midlands Community Rehabilitation Company

The conflict management training gave a good knowledge of how to deal with conflict within teams or conflict between staff and management.

Conflict Management Skills Training Delegate, HR ManagerRNID

CMP created a bespoke a 3 hour workshop on Managing Conversations for us. The session was to get staff to think about conflicts and why they arise and then to provide them with some skills on communicating effectively and build confidence in being assertive in challenging difficult behaviour. Staff were thrilled about the workshop and the skills that they were able to develop in this time.

Difficult Conversation Workshop Commissioner, HR ManagerThe Abbeyfield Society

Opened up a new way of viewing conflict at work and in everyday life.

ILM Professional Workplace Mediator DelegateBritish Land Forces Germany

This conflict management training was far and away the best training I have had on the subject and some of the best training that I have had in my 10 years with Sue Ryder. I  recommend that it is seen as a priority for all managers as the course was relevant to anyone who manages people or finds that they need to mediate between people.

Conflict Management Skills Training Delegate, HR ManagerSue Ryder Care

How to make dispute resolution work at work

The vast majority of interpersonal conflict at work never reaches an employment tribunal but just silently reduces performance, disengages employees, and costs hidden sums employers can ill afford.

To change the culture of conflict at work needs more than employers setting up a mediation service: what is needed is an investment in building workplace conflict competence. This paper introduces the changes you should consider making to reduce the wholly unnecessary cost of conflict to your organisation.

An overview – and a quiz to assess where your organisation sits

How to make DR work at work