Build a strong culture of dignity and respect at work

Building employees’ skills to manage difference and understand the impact of their behaviour on others is vital.  Banter can quickly lead to complaints of discrimination, cultural differences can be misinterpreted and lead to employees feeling victimised.

These are the types of issue that lead to serious allegations, high-profile and expensive claims and badly damaged employees. So training employees to have difficult conversations and treat others with respect will keep you out of the employment tribunal.

To minimise grievances and potentially costly tribunals, you need employees  who understand their rights and responsibilities in relation to equality and diversity, bullying and harassment.

Our work with staff includes:

  • Bullying and harassment focus groups that look at perceptions of workplace bullying and harassment. We produce a comprehensive report capturing hard and soft evidence of perceptions and experiences; and recommendations for ways forward.
  • Short programmes in recognising, avoiding and responding to bullying and harassment at work
  • Short programmes in anti-banter at work
  • Short programmes in Fairness and Dignity at work

CMP delivered intensive bespoke conflict management courses of varying levels to 200 managers, to achieve a significant boost to managers’ confidence and skills in managing transition during a time of change, and contributing significantly to achieving the organisational goal of preventing and managing bullying and harassment. From our initial discussions, it was evident that CMP were keen to listen to our needs and work with us to develop a course that satisfied our requirements. The successful partnership combined with local provision and high-quality trainers has developed into a key part of our overall strategy for management development of our staff.

Bespoke Conflict Management Training Buyer and Delegate, Senior Divisional Officer Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service

It’s always an unknown quantity when employing an external training provider, however, CMP was really what it said on the tin, the experts in conflict management, the trainers were really excellent and experts in their field!

Conflict Management Skills and Mediation Service Set-up Commissioner, ILM Professional Workplace Mediator and Conflict Management Skills Delegate, Head of HR & DiversityNorth Glamorgan NHS Trust (Now Cwm Taf UHB)

CMP is a very good company to do business with, all of our objectives were clearly met for very good value, all aspects of communication were fantastic and we would definitely recommend them. We did not want an off the shelf package for bullying and harassment training, but we didn’t know what we needed either. CMP provided professional credibility, expert support, and great flexibility to tailor the workshops to meet our requirements.

Dignity and Respect, Manager Skills and Bespoke Conflict Management Training Coordinator, Workplace coordinatorBedford Borough Council

CMP’s training for Anti-Harassment Supporters enhanced my skills and has enabled me to add value to my organisation’s core activities. CMP were good value for money, I would definitely use CMP again and recommend them to others.

Harassment Advisor Training Delegate, Service ManagerChildren's Society

Staff thought the study days were excellent. They were all very enthusiastic. When cases of bullying have come up they’ve been prompt to act. Managers are acting more speedily than they otherwise would have. They are acting quickly and appropriately, so we have rarely had to use the formal procedure, they have been resolved at low level.

Conflict Management and Dignity at Work Training Commissioner and Delegate, Head of HRBarts NHS Trust

17 actions to take to tackle bullying and harassment at work

There is no evidence that workplace bullying in the UK is on the decrease, despite the various attempts made to reduce its incidence.  So it’s time to look again at the data, and how to tackle this hidden, expensive and corrosive workplace problem.

This paper outlines what you can do, in your organisation, to reduce bullying andharassment at work.

17 Actions to take today