Referring a conflict to an independent mediator

Our professional workplace mediators get over 300 employees a year back to a better working relationship every. With a 95% mediation success rate and most mediations completed in a day, it makes sense to use the UK’s mediation experts to resolve conflict at work.

We’re so successful because, unlike other providers who will offer you a mediator with a minimum of 5 cases under their belt, CMP mediators have at least 5 years‘ experience of full-on, paid-for mediation.

That’s years of finding their way through the challenges of different workplaces, each with its unique culture and pressures; years of honing their skills so they can work with every type of person and conflict.

And because of this experience, we offer a more flexible and varied mediation approach than any other provider,  and can offer you the right mediation model for the dispute and the parties.   This includes virtual mediation, which is ideal when geography gets in the way of people meeting.

If you are considering bringing in an independent mediator, the likelihood is that the dispute you are dealing with has been resistant to internal attempts to resolve it, may involve senior individuals or be particularly sensitive for other reasons or may benefit from the services of a demonstrably ‘objective’ outsider who has no axe to grind or position to maintain.

What to look for in a workplace mediator

People fall out over a huge range of issues, and mediators, like any other professionals, specialise in different aspects of their trade. It is not necessary for a mediator to be familiar with your organisation but they will need to be credible with the parties they engage with. Workplace mediators talk a very different language to family or Civil mediators, and work in a different way to those mediators, so ensure you have the right type of mediator for the conflict.

Whoever you choose, a workplace mediator will need to be able to:

  • Demonstrate proficiency in mediation through accredited training, ongoing professional development, client testimonials and mediation track record
  • Establish an empathetic relationship quickly with you, and with the parties
  • Talk through similar situations that they have previously encountered
  • Provide you with information for the parties and for yourself in how to set up a mediation and what to expect from mediation
  • Respond to your timeframes – available when you need them

CMP brought a professional mediation service to difficult circumstances. We received some excellent help in a stale-mate situation.

Outsourced Mediation Commissioner, Head of HRHorse Racing Regulatory Authority

The support and advice we have received thus far from CMP Resolutions has been invaluable to us as an organisation. We appointed CMP in 2014 to provide expert mediators in a timely fashion, and renewed our contract with them for a further 3 years.

Mediation Service CoordinatorUniversity of Northampton

The mediation process resolved a very complex and emotional situation for those involved, with great success.

Outsourced Mediation Commissioner, Head of HRJohn Wheatley College

I was incredibly impressed by the perseverance and calmness of my mediator in what must have been a particularly taxing situation.  Without their interventions we would still be at logger heads.  Rather my surprise, I would wholeheartedly recommend mediation to colleagues.

Mediation Party, Managera GP Practice

The mediation was a difficult meeting and not something I hope to ever repeat! But so worthwhile, despite that.  I believe that we will be able to work together better now, and it’s clear that my team feels more relaxed now relationships are better between me and the other party.

Mediation Party, Managera FTSE 250 organisation

CMP understood what was needed and using mediation were able to ‘unblock’ in a day a working relationship that had been difficult for some time. This was a very worthwhile investment.  Since the mediation took place, no more HR time has needed to be spent on this case and the parties have a better understanding of each other’s motivations.

Outsourced Mediation Commissioner, Director of HRGalliford Try

Nothing was too much trouble and the practitioner was extremely supportive and patient. The whole session was at a comfortable pace.

Mediation Party, ManagerAnonymous NHS Trust

It was very helpful to have someone there in the mediation to calm things down.  Having met her first meant I understood what was going to happen so felt more confident.  Things are much better at work. Thank you.

Mediation Party, Professora Redbrick University

This was a very complex team situation; we approached CMP and an alternate provider however it was CMP that really grasped the brief for the group mediation.  CMP quickly tuned into our issues and offered the best solution. Their documentation and approach was tailored and efficient, allowing us to make a clear decision about the process.

Outsourced Group Mediation Commissioner, Director of HRThe University of Winchester

When we needed an independent mediator we found CMP thoroughly professional and helpful. This was evident from our very first contact through to completion of the mediation process.

Outsourced Mediation Commissioner, SuperintendentMOD Police

Why choose CMP Resolutions for your mediation

  • Expert mediators. If someone says they’ve done fewer than 50 mediations, they’re probably not up to the challenge. The types of cases you want to refer will be the tough ones, so you can’t afford to use a novices.
  • Get the right mediation for your situation. Chose from 5 models including virtual mediation
  • Anticipate success. 95% of our mediation cases are successful
  • Save money.  Flexible rates with no compromise on quality
  • Pre and post mediation support. Get 12 months phone and email support for every party, including post mediation hints and tips leaflet
  • Get to resolution fast.  We can be on site within 24 hours and complete a typical mediation in one day
  • Save time in the future.  92% of resolutions are still in place 3 months later
  • Get objective feedback.  We tell you if your organisation can improve its conflict management processes
  • Fully evaluated. 360° evaluation of parties, practitioner and your views are brought together in a full report

Referring a case to mediation - a guide

Download this paper which will take you through:

  • whether mediation is the right choice
  • is the conflict suitable
  • how to select the right mediator and the key qualities to look for
  • how to encourage parties to participate
  • the practicalities of a setting up a mediation and the key things to consider when setting up a mediation

This paper gives you a checklist that helps you decide whether mediation is the right way forward.

Refer conflict to independent mediator