Resolving a group conflict with mediation

Group mediation or team rebuilding helps when a team is in conflict  and you are hearing about people’s anger, resentment, fear, and stress levels.

Sickness levels may be high, and performance low.  Is this ‘personality clashes’ that need mediating, or is this a group out of alignment?  This is when our group mediation or team rebuilding service, can help.

The benefits of group mediation

  • By talking to all involved, the widest view is visible, including those people at risk of being overlooked
  • The team learns that win/win is possible – and gains some skills and new process to give them resilience in any future conflicts
  • The mediator brings a dose of reality to the situation – challenging where appropriate
  • There is a risk assessment process that covers both individuals and the organisation’s perspective
  • By moving the group towards resolution they are able to get back to working together – today

Our group mediation process

We have developed a group mediation model based on some of the principles of Appreciative Enquiry, facilitation, and change management. Throughout, we take a needs-based approach which arrives at clear outcomes and more constructive working relationships.

  • We identify why a group has stopped working – and share this insight with them so the process acts as experiential development
  • We bring each member of the group on board with the process of change, and rebuild the team slowly and steadily through a four-stage process.

Our expert mediator or faciliator looks at:

  1. What’s going on – we hear each person’s story, manage their expectations and bring them on board
  2. What’s got to change – usually a whole-group meeting where the group is supported to look together at their issues and feelings.
  3. What are they going to do – we work towards SMART agreements for actions for change.
  4. Who needs to help the team – if needed, we run a debrief or buy-in session with managers, HR or other stakeholders in order to support the change.

The overall team appear to be happier and more relaxed and there is a much improved atmosphere. Very impressed with the whole mediation process and communication, thoroughly professional and helpful. Avoided further stress for all involved and and helped to restore professionalism back into the team.

Outsourced Group Mediation Team Managera Redbrick University

This was a very complex team situation; we approached CMP and an alternate provider however it was CMP that really grasped the brief for the group mediation.  CMP quickly tuned into our issues and offered the best solution. Their documentation and approach was tailored and efficient, allowing us to make a clear decision about the process.

Outsourced Group Mediation Commissioner, Director of HRThe University of Winchester

Group mediation - not safe for beginners!

Group conflicts, with all their cross-currents and personalities, the multitude of differing interests and needs, are almost impossible to mediate well without not only training, but solid experience of ‘basic’ mediation between two parties.

This paper explains why group mediation is different and why you should refer group disputes to mediation experts.

Restoring team harmony case study