C-suite conflict resolution

Workplace disputes are rarely confined to an organisation’s lower echelons.  When senior relationships are tense or dysfunctional then employers have a real problem on their hands.

Recent research[1] showed that 30% of organisations surveyed had experience of a boardroom dispute affecting their business survival.  So ‘C-suite’ conflict needs to be handled fast and discreetly.

We prefer to talk about ‘resolving conflict’ rather than ‘mediation’ in situations involving senior managers, because we flex our dispute resolution model to suit the circumstances, and bring a wide range of other tools and techniques to bear to meet the needs of the C-suite.

Whether you are dealing with a personality clash or a fundamental disagreement in strategic direction, CMP Resolutions is here to help.  We have both the experience and the credibility to handle senior people in conflict, and we can help your organisation to effect a speedy and acceptable resolution with the minimum of fall out for the business and the individuals concerned.

Our success in senior-grade mediation lies in our ability to tailor our resolution process to the situation that we encounter on the ground.  We are skilled at doing this for two main reasons:

  1. Our mediators have many years of experience in handling complex and senior disputes, and know that meeting the needs of all parties involved – including the needs of the employing organisation – is essential for a lasting solution. They have the experience and ability to design the dispute resolution process around the context of the case they are handling.
  2. We know from experience that most conflict does not arise in isolation, and that most solutions require ongoing support from the ‘system’ to be enduring. So while we will ask you to set up ‘standard’ mediation process, (individual party meetings followed by a joint meeting), you will need to be prepared for our practitioner to make an alternative recommendation for next steps after they have met individually with each party involved.

[1] IFC Corporate Governance Knowledge Publication, Conflicts in the Boardroom Survey—Results and Analysis (Washington, D.C.: IFC and CEDR, 2014)

We use CMP Resolutions to help us handle very complex, highly sensitive mediations and investigations.  We have been impressed by their speed of response, the professionalism of their people, not only their mediators and investigators but also their back office and logistics.  Most importantly the outcomes of their work have enabled us to resolve our issues successfully. Would we use them again? Without question. They are our “goto” solution.

Independent Investigation and Outsourced Mediation Commissioner, Director of Employee RelationsStates of Jersey

My sessions were very helpful to me, particularly as the coach had an easy manner and good sense of humour, which facilitate open discussion.  They enabled me to explore sensitive issues in an objective but supportive environment and consider how I might do things better.

Coachee, Senior Managera Police service

I found the conflict coaching extremely helpful during a very difficult time for me personally and at work. The coach was very patient with me and gave great feedback. It has enabled me to re-evaluate my responsibilities and focus on the positives. I use the tools and techniques discussed on a daily basis, which has enabled me to hold complex meetings professionally and with confidence.

Coaching Recipient, Senior ManagerTransportation sector
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