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Conflict coaching skills – helping someone think through their problems and options

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When people can’t resolve issues themselves, they look to others for advice and support – their managers, union officials, HR, and harassment advisors

If you find yourself doing ‘conflict coaching’, then this matrix will help you, by making sure you ask all the questions you need to, to help someone with a conflict to understand what they feel and what they want.

By helping the person to explore their own ‘story’ of the situation, you will help them to arrive at a more reflective, appropriate decision about action, rather than a knee-jerk response to a conflict.

The Conflict Analysis matrix©


Key principles Explore the content Explore the interactions Explore perceptions about fairness
Set the scene and build rapport What are the major and minor issues Explore needs and feelings How do they think ‘justice’ works in this organisation
Use structured questioning What do they believe has happened What impact has the situation had on them What have they tried already to resolve the situation
Use reflective listening What are their issues and concerns How are their working relationships What for them would constitute a fair process
Demonstrate impartiality and empathy What has contributed to the situation How are they feeling about themselves What do they feel about the resolution options available to them
Agree a summary and key quotes What outcomes do they want How they are feeling about their employer What do they expect HR to do on their behalf

Our Neutral Assessment service identifies the root of conflict within teams displaying high levels of stress in order to recommend the most suitable effective options available.

We also provide a Bullying and Harassment Advisory Service for parties with a complaint who are unsure what steps they wish to take next.

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