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Supervising for mediators

Mediation supervision is key to good practice for mediators.

The drive to professionalise mediation is on-going, and part of any quality mediation service is the supervision and development of its mediators.

A mediation supervisor is responsible for the accountability of the mediators and the service; and for mediator development and support. They can – and should – supervise new and more experienced mediators.

So in addition to an indepth understanding of mediation, and heaps of experience themselves, a mediation supervisor offers coaching and mentoring to help mediators reach a high standard of competency.

A mediation supervisor needs to have access to a range of ways to encourage experienced mediators to further develop their skills and maintain their knowledge of mediation practice; and they need the skills to challenge poor practice, to keep your service standards high and to ensure your service is working to best practice standards.

There is a range of supervision methods from traditional “one to one” in person supervision, to supervision while co-mediating; team supervision; observation of mediators at work; and Virtual supervison.

We can train mediation supervisors in your organisation, and we run our ILM Endorsed Mediation Supervisor programme on a public access basis.

I have better understanding of Mental Health and mediation and confidence that it’s not about the issue but about the management of the session. Both trainers were excellent and fielded all questions with confidence and ease.

Advanced Mediation Skills Training DelegatePrivate Consultant

This was very useful and has motivated me to do the Achieving Mediation Excellence audit

Mediation Service Set-up Project Lead and ILM Professional Workplace Mediator and Advanced Mediation Skills Delegate, Service Managera Higher Education Institute

The trainer for my Advanced Mediation course was excellent, flexible and got completely to the point – with thorough discussions: an excellent trainer.

Advanced Mediation Skills Training Delegate, LecturerUniversity of Bradford

Interesting, challenging, informative and honest. An exceptional training experience.

Advanced Mediation Skills Training Delegate, Experienced mediatorHM Revenue and Customs

The trainer on this advanced mediation course was one of the best facilitators I have had the pleasure to learn from.

Advanced Mediation Skills Training Delegate, Experienced mediatorForeign and Commonwealth Office

I was delighted with the group mediation training. It got straight to the point and didn’t go over old ground. It left me room to personalise the information to my needs and situation and provided a structure and method for group mediation which most importantly could flex to the needs of the situation and participants.

ILM Group Mediation Skills Training Delegate, Experiences Mediator Croydon Health Services NHS Trust

This training was extremely timely for us as our mediators are increasingly being asked to work on multi-party cases; in fact we have already put the skills learnt on course into practice.  The course really met our needs.

ILM Group Mediation Skills Training Delegate, HR ManagerSouth Birmingham Community NHS Trust

An excellent refresher course with very positive feedback. A very useful and timely refresher that brought some interesting ideas to the fore – it was really enjoyable and I felt that the course was value for money and that delegates received a boost to their confidence. CMP staff are always professional, polite, and easily accessible.

Advanced Mediation Training Commissioner and Delegate, Mediation Service ManagerThe Home Office

I know my fellow staff mediators would find this advanced mediation training as interesting as I did. The trainer’s depth of knowledge and experience was critical.

Advanced Mediation Skills Training Delegate, Staff Mediatora Public Sector Institute

I really enjoyed the hands-on practical nature of the advanced mediation skills training. The trainer was really approachable and made it very real and memorable – I felt comfortable to try and make mistakes and then learn from them.

Advanced Mediation Skills Training Delegate ,Head of Student VoiceUniversity of Manchester
Case Study Mediation Supervision RAF

How to make more of mediation by offering supervision

It is tempting to ask mediators to find their own supervisor; however the risk is that this person may not be well-trained as a mediator, or a supervisor, and may do little other than act as a sounding board.

This paper provides a good practice model of supervision to enable all mediation services to incorporate this critical function.

Mediation Supervision: Make more of mediation at work