Support for Individuals

Conflict is both stressful and draining.  Many workplace relationship breakdowns result in the absence of one or both parties and that gives rise to financial as well as human costs. 

Whether you are experiencing a problem yourself, or are working with disputing parties to bring about a resolution, your energy, skills and patience will be sorely tested.

CMP Resolutions prides itself on delivering results, all too often where others have failed.  We help individuals to manage the ‘tough stuff’ associated with their jobs.  Our clients use us to:

  • facilitate meetings between disputing parties and work with them to find a sustainable resolution
  • work with individuals to improve their conflict management skills
  • train and support internal specialists in their conflict resolution role
  • provide training and case supervision for conflict resolution professionals

Whatever your need, CMP Resolutions is here to help.

  • Mediations and facilitated meetings
    We can have a mediator on site within three working days. And we were the first to offer on-line mediation, when geography prevents a face-to-face meeting.  Around 96% of our interventions are successful, helping colleagues to work more harmoniously in a way that takes greater account of each other’s needs
  • Outsourcing investigations
    We know how busy HR and ER professionals are. When you could do with a helping hand, CMP has practitioners who can take the strain, by carrying out investigations, providing additional support for complex cases, reviewing investigation reports or mentoring those new to the role
  • Conflict coaching
    All managers will have to deliver difficult messages from time to time. Most customer-facing staff will need to handle rude or angry people in their day-to-day work.  In our busy and pressured world, it’s not easy to judge the approach that will achieve the best results, or to avoid the pitfalls that might make matters worse.  Our coaches work with individuals who are having difficulty managing or facing up to these situations to help them understand the psychology of conflict and learn some tools and techniques for managing it more effectively
  • Courage to Manage e-learning
    CMP’s Courage to Manage e-learning programme is designed to give your managers the bedrock concepts and skills to help them negotiate through a range of difficult management conversations. Learners use a workbook to prepare for their own ‘real-life’ scenarios, using the models and tools within the programme, so that concepts can be immediately applied.  Combined with remote support from a CMP coach, this programme delivers sustainable behavioural change
  • Supervision services for conflict resolution professionals
    We provide case supervision to mediators, harassment advisers, diversity champions, HR investigators and Human Resources specialists. Our experienced practitioners respond rapidly to emails, telephone and Skype calls to support with preparation for tricky cases, difficulties during cases, and to draw the learning from challenging cases
  • Public training courses
    If you have less than 4 delegates to train, training in-house becomes non-efficient. CMP’s public courses offer an excellent alternative for those who want to train as mediators and investigators. Endorsed by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) our programmes are interactive, strong on practical exercises and focused feedback and run by specialists with many years of experience under their belts.

Please click these links for more information and to book online:

Mediation Public Training

Investigation Public Training