Support for Organisations

Promoting ‘conflict competence’ is at the heart of CMP Resolutions’ work with organisations.  At its most basic, a conflict competent employer invests more money in preventing and managing unhealthy workplace conflict than it does in settling cases that have gone past the point of resolution. 

A CIPD report from 2015 found that four in ten UK employees experienced some form of interpersonal conflict at work, so it makes sense to look at the problem from an organisational perspective.

CMP has over 25 years’ experience of supporting our clients to develop and implement a strategic approach to conflict management and can help you to make a robust business case for investing in prevention.

Our clients use us to:

  • Support Strategy

We can advise on, help develop and support your conflict management strategy. We design and deliver soft-skills training programmes to support leadership development and other organisation-wide initiatives such as diversity awareness-raising.  We train specialists such as mediators, investigators and harassment advisors.  We conduct external assessments of the effectiveness of in-house mediation services against our Achieving Mediation Excellence framework..

  • Support Employee Relations

We can help you set up, train, launch and support in-house mediation, investigation services, and harassment advisor teams as well as develop and deliver organisation-wide bullying, harassment and dignity and diversity awareness programmes.

  • Defend your Brand and Reputation

We resolve disputes from the ‘C-suite’ downwards, facilitate settlement agreements, provide responsive, client-focused and professional outsourced teams of mediators or investigators and supply whistleblowing and other telephone-based services that require responsive, confidential and sensitive handling.