Support for Teams

We all know that an effective team delivers more than the sum of its individual parts.  Some of the best performing teams are those in which diversity in the broadest sense, stimulates challenge and debate leading to innovation.  But diversity can quickly become a cause of conflict when team members do not have the skills to handle candid debate and opposing viewpoints or strong enough relationships to risk being wrong or speaking out[1].

CMP Resolutions works with project, specialist and functional teams to resolve damaging conflict and to develop the necessary skills for a team to function both efficiently and effectively by embracing positive conflict.

Our clients use us to:

  • identify the root causes of team dysfunction
  • work with teams in conflict to resolve tensions and rebuild functional relationships
  • improve the skills of teams members and their managers
  • develop the capabilities of teams of dispute resolution specialists such as harassment advisers, internal mediators and investigators or Hearing Managers

Whatever your needs, CMP Resolutions is here to help.

  • Neutral assessments
    Neutral Assessment, or ‘Early Neutral Evaluation’, is a diagnostic process that fills the gap between formal investigation and inaction. Its purpose is to untangle situations, assess risks and identify solutions to tricky or unclear situations.  It is an effective option for changing the dynamic of a team conflict.  By bringing in an external third party to explore the needs, positions and interests of those involved and to focus parties on the future,  mind-sets are shifted, solutions explored and risk-assessed and a viable way forward developed.
  • Group mediations
    CMP has developed a group mediation model based on the principles of Appreciative Enquiry, facilitation and change management. We identify why a team has stopped functioning, and share this insight with them so the process acts as experiential development.  We use a four-stage process to bring each member of the group on board with the process of change, and rebuild the team slowly and steadily.
  • Specialist training programmes
    For mediators, investigators, harassment advisers, hearing managers, HR teams who want to develop their conflict resolution or HR investigation skills, and specialist teams such as Ethics Officers, Serious Incident investigators, or Student Complaints investigators. Our mission is to improve the way that workplace conflict is managed, and to enhance people’s skills so that disagreements rarely escalate to damaging disputes.
  • Manager training
    CMP’s Courage to Manage portfolio of training enables you to select the elements that your managers will benefit from most: whether that is managing themselves, their people, individual performance or day-to-day problems. The CMP Seed Programme gives your managers the bedrock concepts and skills to help them negotiate through a range of difficult management conversations and is the foundation for our wider portfolio of learning, helping managers to:
  • Lead teams through periods of change
  • Make better use of time by minimising negative conflicts and crises
  • Build more accountable and motivated teams
  • Develop team members’ interpersonal skills and behaviours
  • Maximise the benefits of difference
  • Resolve conflicts at all stages – from facilitating a low-level problem to investigating a grievance or disciplinary matter

[1] For more on this topic, see The Five Dysfunctions of a Team:  Patrick Lencioni, 2002, Jossey-Bass