Courage to manage

training portfolio

CMP’s Courage to Manage portfolio of training enables you to select the elements that your managers will benefit from most: whether that is managing themselves, their people, or the problems that arise for any manager. Difficult conversations at work

You start with the CMP Seed Programme to give your managers the bedrock concepts and skills to help them negotiate through a range of difficult management conversations.   The CMP Seed Programme is the foundation for our wider portfolio of learning or can also stand alone. Taking a modular approach means you are able to target your resources specifically where your managers will most benefit, whether you want them to:

  • Tackle performance issues in ways that sustain the relationship and achieve desired change
  • Lead teams through periods of change
  • Make better use of time by minimising negative conflicts and crises
  • Build more accountable and motivated teams
  • Develop team members’ interpersonal skills and behaviours
  • Maximise the benefits of difference
  • Resolve conflicts at all stages – from facilitating a low-level problem to investigating a grievance or disciplinary matter

Courage to manage difficult conversations at work

Seed Programme Benefits
  • Managers learn the foundation skills which underpin every part of managing people at work.
  • They will build on existing strengths and add new skills and understanding, making them more resilient and flexible
  • They will be motivated to make less use of rank and power, and more use of relationship and influence
  • Managers are introduced to the principles and models which are applied in depth throughout the Portfolio
Programme outcomes
  • Respond rather than react to others
  • Take a needs-based approach to communication to get beyond compliance to commitment
  • Make better decisions which are less entangled with bias and blindspots
  • Avoid getting hooked by the behaviour of others
  • Build relationships based on greater trust and accountability
  • Understand what win-win looks like
  • Achieve results through others by improved communication
The Seed models and theories
  • Attribution Theory (Kelley and Weiner)
  • Unconscious Bias
  • Positions, interests and needs (Fisher and Ury)
  • The Drama Triangle (S. Karpman)
  • Mindfulness (Buddha)
  • Transactional Analysis (E. Berne)
  • Conflict Zone (CMP Resolutions)

The branch programmes are all half day workshops for up to 8 managers.

If you would like to invest more on a specific topic, we can expand the learning and skills practice, upgrading it a full day programme.

  • Managing your self

    Skills for being a calm, assertive and reflective manager

  • Managing People

    Communication skills from persuasion to negotiation, and difficult conversations

  • Managing Performance

    A range of skills to get the best performance from your team

  • Managing Problems

    Training for the tougher end of management responsibilities

Managing yourself at work

All managers have difficult relationships or challenging moments to work through. Having a positive attitude to conflict, a steady sense of self, and a set of skills to hand, managers will be able to stay calm, assertive and constructive.

Being a resilient manager

It’s tough being a manager in today’s UK. Understanding and adopting behaviours and a mindset that builds resilience will mean more effective, less exhausted manager.

Managing upwards

One of the main relationships a manager has is with those senior to them in the organisation. Yet few managers really consciously manage this relationship.

Avoiding the Bullying and Harassment trap

No manager intends to bully or harass, but some do. And too many managers avoid firm management out of a fear of being accused of these behaviours. This workshop will help managers to be firm, fair and sensitive when interacting with others.

What diversity and inclusion mean for managers

If managers don’t embrace diversity, it is unlikely that staff will feel they are treated with dignity and respect, no matter how clear your policy. This workshop helps managers understand the benefits to them of diversity, and will enable them to feel more comfortable when talking about differences with others.

Managing the diverse team

Managers increasingly face highly diverse teams: people from different backgrounds, with different aspirations and experience, of different gender and ages, based in a range of locations.

A manager who can manage the tensions, and draw out the latent potential, will add value to any organisation.

Building an accountable team

Training for managers in creating and supporting a team where accountability is a normal and productive part of working life

Negotiating skills

The ability to negotiate practical or relationship matters with clients and colleagues in a way that maintains relationships is a fundamental skill for success in business.

Difficult conversations for managers

All the skills and mindset to have any type of difficult conversation well, without damaging the relationship

Managing performance

Training to remain objective/positive and solution-focused when managing performance

Conflict coaching skills

Empower staff to resolve conflict creatively and positively by shifting unhelpful reactions to conflict to constructive responses

Managing people through change

The interpersonal skill to support teams through periods of change including constructive ways to respond to resistance

Managing complaints

Adopt a more skilful, customer-focussed approach to complaints

Investigation skills for managers

Fact-find in a neutral way which will assist objective adjudication

Conflict facilitation

Help people to talk to each other and resolve their differences without escalation

Responding to anger and agression

Learn skills for defusing aggression, and challenging inappropriate behaviour

Mediation skills for managers

Use the mediation process for disputes in your own team