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Training managers in fair performance management

Managing performance is one of the most critical roles of a line manager

With the increasing pressures and constant change present in every workplace, managing people’s output and behaviours is more important than ever.  Many managers find managing poor performance is challenging.  They understand the process and principles, but are apprehensive about talking directly about issues which may well become a source of disagreement.  And they’re right to be anxious, as performance management is second only to behaviour and conduct for causing employment disputes (CIPD).

To prevent disagreements about performance from arising or escalating you need managers who are confident and effective when managing performance.  That way, no-one need worry about raising difficult issues in an appraisal or PDR.

Our expertise is in getting the talking right and we can work with managers to build their skills in managing poor performance better. And we tailor our approach to your organisation’s strategy, culture and values, so that everyone knows what is expected and is united behind your vision and organisational ambitions.

Our front-line housing staff regularly face challenging and potentially threatening situations. We engaged CMP to equip our staff with appropriate skills to meet these challenges and defuse threatening situations. Their professional approach and participative style have always been well-received and have contributed to the first-class customer service we aim to deliver.

Conflict Management Skills Training Commissioner, Head of Learning and DevelopmentLondon and Quadrant Housing

A very informative and useful course that should be part of core management training.

Mediation Skills for Managers Training Delegate, ManagerBournemouth Borough Council

Informative, thought provoking and inclusive…Good delivery honest, grown up attitude. I liked the trainer’s style!

Conflict Management Skills Training Delegate, Senior Managera Fire and Rescue service

The training in difficult conversations was excellent, thought provoking, and challenged me to re-examine how I have difficult conversations! The trainer had excellent knowledge! Really enjoyed the training!

Difficult Conversation Training Delegate, Senior Probation OfficerStaffordshire & West Midlands Community Rehabilitation Company

CMP delivered intensive bespoke conflict management training to 200 managers, to achieve a significant boost to managers’ confidence and skills in managing transition during a time of change, and contributing significantly to achieving the organisational goal of preventing and managing bullying and harassment. CMP listened to our needs and worked with us to develop a course that satisfied our requirements.

Bespoke Conflict Management Training Buyer and Delegate, Senior Divisional OfficerHampshire Fire and Rescue

Staff thought the study days were excellent. They were all very enthusiastic. When cases of bullying have come up they’ve been prompt to act. Managers are acting more speedily than they otherwise would have. They are acting quickly and appropriately, so we have rarely had to use the formal procedure, they have been resolved at low level.

Conflict Management and Dignity at Work Training Commissioner and Delegate, Head of HRBarts NHS Trust

Opened up a new way of viewing conflict at work and in everyday life.

ILM Professional Workplace Mediator DelegateBritish Land Forces Germany

The trainer was really dynamic and engaging, the conflict management training was relevant, interesting with practical examples.

Conflict Management Training Delegate, Senior Probation OfficerStaffordshire & West Midlands Community Rehabilitation Company

The conflict management training made me think more ‘outside the box’ re: supervision or dealing with issues, being more honest and direct.

Conflict Management Training Delegate, Senior Admin AssistantStaffordshire & West Midlands Community Rehabilitation Company

This course gave me really good skills that will enable me to perform my day to day role with a new attitude to dealing with conflict.

Conflict Management Skills Training Delegate, Senior ManagerHM Prison Service

What you get from the training

  • The skills to talk to people directly about difficult issues such as time-keeping; attendance; personal hygiene; cynicism towards new initiatives; antagonism towards others; banter
  • Confidence in recognising when to start a performance management (capability) procedure, so you can undertake the process proactively
  • The understanding and ability to apply the organisation’s policies
  • Much more effective performance management and appraisal processes
  • 12 months’ email and telephone ongoing support
  • 12 months’ free webinars

Practical advice on how to have a constructive difficult conversation

We all know that disagreement can be healthy. Better decisions are made when proposals are challenged, and creativity stems from taking a different perspective. What is unhealthy for business is a negative response to disagreement.

This is when personality clashes, enmities and turf wars break out, consuming the energies of the individuals involved, sucking those around them into the dispute and disrupting the effective functioning of the work unit.

This paper outlines how managers can develop those skills which will enable them to have a really good, ‘difficult conversation’.

how managers can have good difficult conversations