Training managers to mediate

Managers spend about 30% of their time managing conflict, and most do it without any training at all.  

Yet the role that managers have in setting the culture of their teams is critical.   How they behave impacts on the behaviour of others, and how they step in and resolve conflicts in their teams will significantly determine the number of complaints you have to manage.   Managers are key to workplace dispute resolution, and ought to be trained in mediation (CIPD Conflict Management Survey Report, 2011).

Managers do not need all the skills of a fully-fledged mediator

Their needs are specific – and can be met in a 2-day course. Our ILM endorsed programme gives managers all the skills they need to mediate disputes in their own team confidently and skilfully.

The trainer on this advanced mediation course was one of the best facilitators I have had the pleasure to learn from.

Advanced Mediation Skills Training Delegate, Experienced mediatorForeign and Commonwealth Office

A very informative and useful course that should be part of core management training.

Mediation Skills for Managers Training Delegate, ManagerBournemouth Borough Council

Our SMT found the training to be extremely helpful. The programme was customised to meet our specific needs. We were pleased with the balance of theory, case studies and role play, which enabled us to test our new skills in a safe environment.

Mediation and Conflict Management Skills Training Commissioner and Delegate, Senior ManagerWelsh Assembly

If Carlsberg made mediation courses … The Professional Workplace Mediator course was without doubt the best training I’ve received – possibly even life changing. The course really did do what it said on the tin. From the moment we started the environment felt a safe place to be and a good place to be open to learn.  The trainer really is in a class of his own knows “his stuff” inside and out. Awesome!

ILM Professional Workplace Mediator Training Course, HR AdvisorUniversity of Exeter

I’d highly recommend the mediation supervision course to anyone who supervises mediators, even people who’ve been doing it for some time. It was well delivered, with plenty of time for discussion, suggestions and reflection.

Mediation Supervisor Delegate, Experienced Mediatora Private sector Organisation

I’m confident that we will make more use of mediation after this course. This was great training, as ever, from you.

Advanced Mediation Skills Training Delegate, Experienced mediatorThe Home Office

Working with such an experienced and professional organisation has been incredibly refreshing and our in-house mediation service has been enhanced as a result. The course was fantastic and people left feeling confident with the skills. The course content was comprehensive and the training techniques first class. The trainer worked with us to discuss service development and implementation. They provided a lot of supporting information which has helped immensely in getting this project off the ground.

Achieving Mediation Excellence Commissioner, HR ManagerUniversity of York

CMP is an organisation at the top of their game and this was evidenced by the calibre of the trainers assigned to my project. Seldom do Training & Development Managers receive outstanding feedback from 100% of delegates who reported being fully engaged across six days of training. The CMP trainers, through their delivery style, personalities and course content and structure, did exactly this.

Mediation Service Set-up Commissioner and ILM Professional Workplace Mediator Delegate, Training and Development ManagerBoard of Community Health Councils Wales

CMP is a very good company to do business with and I would definitely recommend them.  I was very happy with the service offered, the investigation training and the follow-up support.  Our organisational objectives were clearly met by CMP’s involvement and I believe the training has provided the foundation for success.

Mediation Service Set-up, and Training Commissioner, Acting Head of HR,Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust

I really enjoyed the hands-on practical nature of the advanced mediation skills training. The trainer was really approachable and made it very real and memorable – I felt comfortable to try and make mistakes and then learn from them.

Advanced Mediation Skills Training Delegate ,Head of Student VoiceUniversity of Manchester

What managers learn

  • Mediation skills such as active listening, impartiality, conflict facilitation and win/win problem solving
  • How to manage difficult behaviour assertively, and defuse aggressive behaviour
  • How to reduce the negative aspects of conflict – the stress, demotivation and divided teams
  • Ways to improve communication and understanding between colleagues
  • How to close difficult issues and create workable ground rules for the future

Mediation for managers, mediation skills, Katherine GrahamEach manager gets a free copy of Mediation for Managers which the Institute for Management Studies said “encourages healthy change and moves towards rebuilding relationships. It has an easy-to-read style, which is sequential and logical. The book is a sound investment for all managers.”

What type and level of mediation training do you need?

If you’re looking for mediation training, you’ll want to ensure you get the right learning to achieve your goals. Training HR to make more use of mediation needs a different course from giving managers the skills to do ‘mediation-lite’ with their teams; which is different again from the amount of learning needed to work as a professional mediator.

This paper gives an overview of the different levels of training available from CMP Resolutions, and what each course enables the learner to do.

Selecting the right mediation course