Training your mediators

The certificated course, The Professional Workplace Mediator is the UK’s most popular workplace mediation training course and is the UK’s national qualification in mediation at work. It’s available as an in-house course and on a public basis.

Becoming a competent workplace mediator is harder than it may seem and successful completion of this programme is a genuine endorsement of mediator skills and abilities.

A workplace mediator has to help others have difficult, often demanding conversations.  A workplace mediator has to put aside their own judgements and problem-solving instincts, and find a supportive and facilitative way of relating to others.   This is why we spend 40 hours in classroom training, and offer 12 months phone and email support afterwards, as well as free support and free CPD webinars for mediators.

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I thoroughly enjoyed the the mediation refresher as the last time I saw a role play was almost 4 years ago! So it was great to observe and learn different techniques. Very friendly trainer, a great listener and very knowledgeable

Mediation Skills Refresher Delegate, Senior ManagerBritish Airways

We used CMP to train Specialist Investigators to work on cases of bullying and harassment that had reached a formal stage; and to train workplace facilitators/mediators to help individuals discuss and potentially resolve their differences.  The trainers from CMP were highly professional and knowledegable. The participants felt that the respective courses were hard work but enjoyable. As an organisation we feel that their skills and knowledge has given us a bank of people who are skilled and very able to help the Trust in maintaining a work environment free of unwelcome behaviour.

Training Commissioner, Learning & Development Managera NHS Trust

This was very useful and has motivated me to do the Achieving Mediation Excellence audit

Mediation Service Set-up Project Lead and ILM Professional Workplace Mediator and Advanced Mediation Skills Delegate, Service Managera Higher Education Institute

I was delighted with the training. It got straight to the point and didn’t go over old ground. It left me room to personalise the information to my needs and situation and provided a structure and method for ‘group mediation’ which most importantly could flex to the needs of the situation and participants.

Advanced Mediation Skills Training Delegate, Experienced mediatorCroydon Health Services NHS Trust

I found the ILM Professional Workplace Mediator training and support from CMP to be excellent. It enabled the University to develop a successful in-house mediation service which provides managers and staff with an effective route towards better working relationships.

Mediation Service Set-up Commissioner and ILM Professional Workplace Mediator Delegate, Head of EqualitySunderland University

I loved the Professional Workplace Mediator course:  it was challenging, thought provoking, stimulating and enjoyable throughout and an absolutely fantastic use of my time with a fantastic trainer.I will implement the learning in my day-to-day work as well as in my role as professional lead on mediation for the Civil Service.

ILM Professional Workplace Mediator Training Delegate, Civil Service Lead for MediationMinistry of Justice

CMP were very flexible in meeting our specific needs. The trainer was very professional and all our mediators found the course challenging and thought provoking.

Advanced Mediation Training Commissioner and Delegate, Mediation Service ManagerEaling Mediation Service

Working with such an experienced and professional organisation has been incredibly refreshing and our in-house mediation service has been enhanced as a result. The course was fantastic and people left feeling confident with the skills. The course content was comprehensive and the training techniques first class. The trainer worked with us to discuss service development and implementation. CMP Resolutions provided a lot of support which has helped immensely in getting this project off the ground.

Mediation Service Project Lead and ILM Professional Workplace Mediator Delegate, HR Projects ManagerUniversity of York

An excellent accredited mediation training course which equipped me for mediating workplace issues as a senior manager

ILM Professional Workplace Mediator Training Delegate, SuperintendentMetropolitan Police

I was very pleased with the ILM Professional Workplace Mediator training provided for our new staff mediators.  The six-day programme was well-structured, and the content was presented clearly and concisely.  The trainer was flexible and sensitive to individual needs, and our trainees found the course challenging and highly stimulating.  I would be very happy to use CMP again in the future.

Mediation Service Set-up Commissioner and former ILM Professional Workplace Mediator Delegate, Head of ER DEFRA

Selecting and recruiting your mediators

If you’re thinking about training people to become mediators in your organisation, you will want to know that you’re putting the best people forward. This is particularly true if the course – like CMP Resolutions – is externally assessed and can be ‘failed’.

This paper will enable you to make the best recruitment and selection of your mediators.

Selecting and recruiting your in-house mediators

Selecting the right mediation course for your needs

If you’re looking for mediation training, you’ll want to ensure you get the right learning to achieve your goals. Training HR to make more use of mediation needs a different course from giving managers the skills to do ‘mediation-lite’ with their teams; which is different again from the amount of learning needed to work as a professional mediator.

Download this overview of the different levels of training available from CMP Resolutions, and what each course enables the learner to do.

Selecting the right mediation course