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Trouble brewing

Week 1 in the cartoon series

Over the next 6 weeks you will be following Carol, Mike and their colleagues, as they experience the difficulties and the costs that arise when we don’t have the skills to handle conflict at work.

This week, there is Trouble Brewing as Carol, the manager, finds Mike is starting to come in late.

As a manager you’ll know that people problems are rarely straightforward.  So you’ll probably also have experienced that sinking feeling when you know you need to talk to someone about their performance and you’d really rather not.  How would it be if you had a set of tools for managing these situations, and you knew that you could handle anything that was thrown at you and achieve the result that you wanted?

We know that if every manager handled difficult conversations early and effectively, we would be out of business.   But we’re not!   The theory is simple –Courage, Honesty and Benevolence is all it takes – and, of course, a bit of practice.

Avoid this happening to you, check out our white paper on how to make dispute resolution work, it doesn’t have to go wrong!

How to make DR work at work

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